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Yoo Ah-In is the 3rd celebrity in the past month that has found out they have cancer and has been excused from 2 years of military service.

Over in Korea, the recent annoucements of Kim Woobin, Seo In Guk, and Yoo Ah-In being removed from military service because of their health is being welcomed not with grief for their illnesses, but with anger and suspicion.

*disclaimer, i am simply sharing what i have found starting from this article. i am not trying to say that these people are not suffering and do not deserve pity. i just had no idea this was even an issue with korean fans and thought other international fans would be interested too*

Average Korean citizens are upset because it always seems that the healthy, wealthy actors are the ones who are consistently excused from service.

These are people who are physically fit enough to do their own stunts, to work long hours into the night, and to travel the world, so its rather suspicious that their illnesses are only found when they are being forced to serve in the military - taking them away from their careers for 2 years.

This has happened a lot, such as with Mickey Yoochun's asthma making him unfit to serve, even though he was able to perform high-energy concerts constantly.

We have no way of knowing their true illnesses, but all I can say is I hope, if they are sick, that they recover well and that this hate from the Korean citizens doesn't affect them.

I don't think anyone would fake cancer. As for the others, I can't say. But I will offer this about the issue of asthma from 1st hand experience in the military. I have exercise induced asthma. I only get an attack when my heart rate goes over a certain level. Basically, I'm allergic to exercise 😂 In any case, if I can control my heart rate, by slowing down and resting, my breathing difficulties can go away without the need of an inhaler. Regular asthma sufferers can do many activities and control their symptoms with the use of steroids and or inhalers. In the military, the problem is that if you have an asthma attack when you are in a chemical environment you can't remove your chem mask to use an inhaler. They could die either way. The threat of North Korea using a chemical weapons attack is very real. I know because I was stationed there and we regularly had exercises to practice donning our chem gear. I had to go through a special medical review not to get kicked out of the military because of that very concern. Fortunately, since I could control my symptoms without an inhaler, I was approved. There is a big difference between doing something on stage with backup meds available or some activity in a drama when you can ask for a break or use a stunt double, than when you are in the field and other lives depend upon you being fit. Sorry for the lengthy and preachy comment.
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I have the same, totally understand... almost landed in hospital for playing soccer... it sounds small but it's a serious thing.. my grandfather died from asthma...
They do have to pass an extensive physical. Taecyeon had multiple surgeries so he could.pass as active duty. Some have medical conditions that put them or their comrades at risk, so they are either dismissed or given public service. MBLAQ's GO is one.that medically could not do active duty but is in public service.
If the military did multiple exams and deemed them unfit to serve then they should just accept it and move on. I don't think the military has the time to just let anyone leave that easy due to the continuous circumstances with the north. They need any man they can get.
Nobody loves to have cancer . I would rather do military training than get to do chemo for cancer. So please no malicious thought that insenuating these stars are cheating on their sickness. I got a neighbour who exercises everyday but he told me he got mild stroke recently . So please people be reasonable !
I wouldn't say it was per-se them waiting as how you describe it. Like with my family, my cousin was able to get into the US army, but had to leave when the medical examiners in the army noticed an abnormal lump in the back of the throat. He never felt anything, never suffered pain, nor his general practitioner notice it. Fortunately, it was a benign tumor, but I am sure it might just be the medical examiners in the Korean army don't want sick people in their military much similar to the US