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Updated: T.O.P is sentence 10 months in jail IF he violates his probation. He is on 2 years of probation.
Get your story straight. He was sentenced to 2 years probation. If he does anything illegal the probation will be canceled and he will automatically serve 10 months in prison. He will behave, now that he is getting he care and support he needs. NO JAIL TIME.
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not to butt in but its not her fault its vingle's for using the headline they used
hate to say this but its true. these assholes wont stop until he actually kills himself. just stop. he's human too. leave him to rest he just got out of the hospital. wtf
Idk if anyone else feels like this but... I feel like T.O.P did what he did to try and get out of his military service. Idk hate me all u want but it seems weird to me, when he's about to go into the military he does it. I feel as if it was intentional for him to get caught
That news is switched around
Seriously, they need to be more lenient on mariguana sentences. There are worse medicines that are completely legal. I think it's ridiculous to charge someone for smoking it if it wasn't in front of a cop or caught carrying it. Let's hope the next trial date is more good news.
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