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Hello and welcome to the last Wooshin and Wei day.
I haven't been able to post for these boy's that much this quarter and I regret that.
Regardless I still love them!

I got to see them perform live at Kcon NY this past weekend and oh my lord were they amazing!
Sadly Wooshin was not present but the boys still worked hard and put on an amazing performance.

In fact they performed "Runner" their new title track that's coming out sometime real soon (In the next few hours actually) and it's amazing!!

Wooshin will not be present in the MV due to Mental Health sadly so if you bias him and don't see him that's why.

Here's the live performance of "Runner" at Kcon:
(I do not own this video, I have some videos of the performance however I'm way up in the high seats so they aren't good.)
The song is so good! And so is the dance!!!

Here's the teaser's for the MV that's being released:

And here is the Album Thumbnail of the songs being released:
Hot Blood sounds so lit!!!!!

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