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Cheetahs Get Therapy Dogs And It's The Cutest Thing

I can't get over this!

Cheetahs are actually very anxious animals, and if they grow up too stressed, they will have trouble breeding.

That's where their dog friends come in!

Since puppies are so friendly and fun, they teach the cheetah how to be more open and social.

They grow up together and the dogs literally help save the species!

Check out the video of these adorable pals!

I recently went to the San Diego Zoo and when I saw the cheetah i saw that there was a dog with him too and I was just amazed!!😲😄
right in feels...*hold heart* my heart the feels are real
I believe I saw something like this before. The zookeepers said that sometimes the Cheetah, when they let her out, she'll go walking around the incloser looking for her dog friend. Same goes for the dog when they let her in the cheetah's area. And when they're together, they run, play, and roll around together 😂 I thought it was really cute
How cool is this!!!🐕😊
they are cute :'( I'm cryinggg
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