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I watched the sun set on the day, and realized that this little pleasure no longer brings me joy, no longer fills me with hope. Instead, I feel the shortness of these longer days, beating away fast like a hummingbird's wings. I feel the melancholy of solitude and the departure of fantasies. I stand face to face with my demons, those glaring truths and moments in time that I just cannot seem to shake. They say there is strength in facing what you fear, but what if what you are facing you no longer fear? What if you have just accepted it as it is and hold your ground, that they not take your mind? What are you then? Because then, it is not strength keeping the shadows from creeping about, but habit. A sentinel of thought, dancing with travesty. Have I danced so long that my body flows, long since the violent melodies have faded?
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dam loved this a lot
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dam well tbh im glad u where inspired to rite this i could of never thought of how to explicit that feeling reading it was like reading a page from story and thougjts keep it up and tag me in some more like stuff like this if u dont mind