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Omgosh These are a few years old but they just must be shared! Lookie! kpop idols were on Disney mickey mouse club Korean style singing songs and dancing along. I can recognize a few people from NCT lol
Beauty and the Beast
A whole new world - Alladan

Under the sea -Little Mermaid

Part of your world - Little mermaid (BTW the girls name is Herin)

Can't wait to be King- Lion King

Do you wanna build a snowman- frozen

you'll be in my heart -Tarzan

Okay I'm going to stop here. I went a little crazy listening to these songs, they really do a fantastic job singing in English!

all of nct dream was there and just doyoung and jaehyun
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No lie. Freaked out when I saw Jaehyun im the thumbnail.
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