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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length: 2804 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 2

Y/N’s Pov:

“Okay I'll leave you guys to it. Oh and boys don't forget to actually show her where the makeup room is.” The manager left, but right now the only person I want to talk to is ‘Min Suga’. How dare he lie to an officer!....that is undercover and he can't know. Ugh!

“So you're a well known stylist?” Namjoon asked.

“Yes I have a company in Hong Kong but I'm making another one here. While I wait your manager asked for help during concerts and little things like that.” You said knowing very well Yoongi was watching you. He's lucky if after all this I don't lock him up for attempt to lie to an officer.

“Well Miss. Moon this is Kookie you'll be his stylist.” the Jimin guy said pushing the younger member to you. You couldn't help but laugh at the name of ‘Kookie’.

“Haha kookie?” You tried not to sound rude but come on Kookie!

“Ya! That's the nickname they gave me. I'm Jungkook.” He held out his hand. When I took it he made the same face Yoongi made when I shook his. What a nice happy family. “Oh uh it's nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, kookie.” You winked and saw his face turn red. Cute.

“Are you hungry? We usually have breakfast with our crew in the cafeteria.” I believe his name was Jin asked.

“Yeah I'm sure my bodyguards are hungry. Right guys?” You turned around and gave them that look and they nodded. “Sweet it's settled.”

 Once we got our food the guys and I sat down at our own table.

“You guys see anything suspicious?” You said drinking your juice.

“The security here seem pretty good. And everyone that works here seems to have a clean record.” See Joon said.

“I couldn't find anyone either. Their fans don't seem to show up here. They have a pretty good relationship and respect for personal space.” Hyungsik said filling his mouth. “What about you? Anything suspicious?”

“Nothing suspicious but one of the members is a fucking asshole.”you said stuffing your face.

“Damn but isn't your profile so people here respect you?” Hyungsik asked.

“Ha please. I'm sure these guys don't care who anyone is unless they're bigger than them in THEIR business.” The guys laughed. “I'm serious. I was in the elevator with sucked.”

Bangtang’s Pov:

 They all sat there and watched as Moon sat at the table talking to her bodyguards.

“I wonder what they're talking about? I mean we talk to our bodyguards but we're not close with any of them.” Jimin said eating.

“Her bodyguards are good looking. I wouldn't be surprised if they like her. I'm mean she's gorgeous.” Jin said then filling up his mouth.

“Wait do you think she likes her bodyguards?”Jungkook asked wide eyed.

“Probably. They all seem pretty close, siblings maybe?” Taehyung said.

“No manager thing said she's an only child.”Namjoon said sitting down.

“Hmmm I bet she's dating the tall one.” Hoesk said.

“No way the one her height obviously has a crush on her, and the way she gives him attitude is no coincidence.” Taehyung said pointing to the group with his fork.

“If you guys are that curious why don't you go ask her yourself?” Yoongi said with an attitude.

“She's seems cool but it's her first day. We wouldn't want to creep her out.” Namjoon said stopping the topic.

Later in the day.

  Bangtang had a concert to get ready for and all of the boys were at their chairs getting ready. When you walked in you saw Jungkook fixing his hair in the mirror. He looked happy, I guess he was glad he didn't have to wait for someone to finish.

“You ready?” You snuck behind him and placed your hands on his shoulders. He gave you a wide smile and nodded.

 You were lucky the stylists gave you the best advice for these guys and I can easily say I finished quick and it looked great. He seemed to happy with it too. The other stylists had already picked out his clothes so there wasn't much to do.

“Woah Jungkook you look nice!” Hoseok said.

“Now we know why she's so famous. You did great Miss.Moon.” Namjoon praised you.

“Please just call me Moon.” You said picking up your and Jungkook's satiation.

“Here I'll help.” While the guys were still getting ready Jungkook let you sit in his chair and he pulled up one for himself. “You really know how to make someone look good.”

“Aww kookie you already look good.” You looked in the mirror and you saw Yoongi glaring at you and Jungkook from behind but you ignored him. Jungkook is really a nice guy.

“Haha I think I only like it when you call me Kookie.” He laugh was like an evil man cackle. “You and your bodyguards um seem close.”

“Haha oh yeah, they're my best friends. Them being my bodyguards just let's me see them more.” Jungkook smiled.

“I'm glad you have someone to protect you. They seem cool. So how long have you been a stylist?” He asked.

“Oh uh” shit! “Well 4 years now I've been gaining more and more fame haha but mostly in China where I started my second company.”

“Woah that's so cool. So have you ever worked for a group like us before?” Jungkook is so interested in me but from what I can tell everyone's listening. Including the other stylists.

“I've for a boy group in America and a couple of artists there.” Jungkooks eyes lit up.

“Have you met Justin Bieber?!” Jimin and the rest of the guys looked at you other than Yoongi who was already looking at you.

“Yes I have actually.” The guys looked at you. That was one of the weirdest missions we had.

“Woah really?!” Jimin asked.

“That's so cool were you his stylist too?” Jin asked.

“Did you get to see him perform?” Hoseok asked.

“Yes. Somewhat. And multiple times.” I wasn't lying. I HELPED his stylist , I did meet him, and I got to see around four of his concerts.

“Ok everyone you're up.” The manager said and the guys were off only you, Jungkook and Yoongi left behind.

“Thanks Moon I'll see you after.” He gave you a side hug.

“Haha later kookie good luck.” You turned around to find Yoongi standing there staring at you.

“Yoongi what are you doing you're gonna be late.” Without warning he grabbed you by the arm and pulled you closer.

“There's something about you and I wanna find it out Moon.” What? He let go and made his way to the stage. Ok then?

 Yup hate this mission more than the last. You sat in between Hyungsik and Seo Joon and put headphones in. I've never listen to their music and just because I'm working for them doesn't mean I have too. Their eldest noticed and tightened his lips. Sorry Jin but if I listen to your guys music I might just quit.

 After the concert I helped Jungkook get undressed and remove his makeup. He was really sweaty so I gave him a towel. He was tired, kinda wish I at least looked up.

“Did you like the concert?” He asked breathing heavily.

“She didn't watch nor did she listen.” Yoongi said as he walked in.

“Oh…” Jungkook just gave a fake smile. “You should next time.”

“I'll listen to your music on my own time” you rolled your eyes at Yoongi and finished helping Jungkook. “I only listen to music when I work out.”

 Shit I wasn't supposed to say that. Hyungsik and Seo Joon looked at you wide eyed.

“You work out?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah but nothing big.” You had to come up with something. “Haha yeah you know just keep myself in shape. I mean come on you think my body is naturally this healthy?”

“Haha boy do we know how that feels.” Phew.

 After helping the guys and the other stylist you and the guys sat in the front main entrance. Bangtang was there as well but on the other side of the room where they couldn't hear us.

“Man they have a hell of a lot of fans.” Seo Joon said putting an arm not around you but behind you.

“Ya! They push too much!” Hyungsik said rubbing his back.

“Get used to it this case is just like the Shinzō Abe case. No one's gonna show anything now that there are new people here that could compromise their plan.” You explained and stopped when Namjoon, Jungkook, and Yoongi came over.

“Hey uh Moon the guys are going out to eat. Would you all like to come?” Namjoon asked Yoongi was staring  at you and Jungkook was looking at his feet.

“Is it just you guys and us?” Seo Joon asked his face going harsh.

“Well we actually take the stylists and security out with us after an early concert.” You could use the opportunity to scope out both stylists and security. You looked at the guys and they had the same idea in mind.

 They all went to a family dinner and no one really stood out. All the stylist sat together, all the security sat together and then Bangtang alone. We were the ones that stood out . The guys decided to move and sit next to the other guards and I decided to move and sit with Bangtang.

“And then Taehyung hit his arm on the railing.” They guys and I laughed.

“Hey hey I was entertaining Army's!” Taehyung defended himself but still laughed.

“Haha hey wait who's Army?” You said still laughing.

“Oh that's what we call our fans it stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.” Namjoon explained.

“Woah that's a mouth full. Now I see why you call it Army.” You looked at Yoongi he was staring at his food but smiling. Hmmm?

“Haha yeah, but we love our Army’s. They're the ones we can thank for our fame.” Jin said mouth full.

 The night ended with the stylists going home first, followed by the security and Bangtang, the guys and I left at the same time.

Later at Headquarters

 You were fighting with Seo Joon and Hyungsik. Since they were holding back screaming crazy teenaged girls all day, they were a little torn but me I needed my adrenaline rush for the day.

“Ow ow ow owwww!” Hyungsik said while you hit him in his arm, back then knocked him off his feet so you could fight Seo Joon.

“They aren't normal!” You said trying to keep up with him.

“They. Couldn't be that bad! Woah!” He screamed and dodged your kick. “I. Actually saw you guys. Woah! Looked to be uh ah getting along woah!” You flipped him over and crossed your arms.

“We didn't all get along. I didn't even tell you about that Yoongi guy ugh!” I punched the punching bag.

“The lead rapper?” Hyungsik asked.

“Yes. I looked them up and during an interview they asked their go to pick up lines.” You sat down and ripped your face.

“What's so wrong with that?” Seo Joon asked

“Mr. ‘Min Suga’s’ line was ‘Do you know Bts?’ Ugh can you believe him?” You said and took a drink of your water.

“Damn but that's still not that bad. They're famous and you're pretending to be famous.” Seo Joon stated.

“To protect them. I'm not getting an ego over it.” You said gathering your stuff.

“She's not wrong. Oh yeah I've been meaning to ask where's boss? His car is still in the parking lot.” Hyungsik asked holding an envelope.

“Probably still working late in his office, why what's up?” You asked putting on your hoodie.

“This letter was left for him in the front doesn't have a sender though.” You took the letter from him.

“I'll take it I gotta go talk to him anyway.” You said.

“Woah thanks y/n.” You smiled and made your way to bosses office.

 You knocked on the door and he let you in.

“Hey boss. Staying here late tonight?” You asked sitting in a chair as he sat in his.

“Yeah. You and the boys find anything?” He looked troubled.

“No but we did help with a concert. Oh yeah that reminds me.” You pulled the letter out and handed it to him. “Hyungsik found it in front of the building.”

 He looked at the letter and sighed. I knew who it was from and so did he. He had been trying to track down a murder that killed his dad. That's why the boss took this job. One of his dad's workers went against him and killed him. After that he tracked him down and sent him to jail, now someone's been after him. Him and I've tried seeing if he had a son or anyone that would do this but we still can't find it.

“It's him again isn't it?” You asked him.

“Yes.” He took a deep breath. “Don't worry about it too much alright.”

“Did he sign it again?” He nodded. Every time they send a letter they sign the end with a gumble of letters and number 2vn'e 3Ieon 1uesc 0ebti. We still haven't found out what it mean or anything for a hit. “Damn boss. You locked that guy up a long time ago. If he had any family they would've came up sooner.”

“I know Y/n. I've got the FBI on the case but so far they can't find any leads.” He said putting the letter in a drawer with the others.

“They'll get them boss don't worry.” You stopped and looked at the photo he was looking at. “How's your daughter sir?”

“She's barely 4 y/n. I'm gonna catch this guy before he takes her away from me.”

“I know Boss. I know.” He sat there and a single tear fell.

“Well moon you better go. I wouldn't want you late on your second day.” You nodded and walked to the door. Mid opening it “and Y/n” you turned to him. “Thank you.”

“Anytime sir.”

The next morning

 You pulled up with the guys behind you once you entered it was completely empty.

“Did we miss something?” Hyungsik asked.

“Yeah...maybe” you looked around to find a schedule board. “It's breakfast. You'd think they'd all eat at home. Maybe it's paid for?”

 You walked into the cafeteria to find all the lights off. You made once the doors closed the guys moved you behind them and put their hands on their guns.

“What the-” the light came in mid sentence.

“Surprise welcome to Big Hit Miss. Moon!”

“Fuck.” You finished your sentence. “What's all this?” You said taking the flowers Jin and Jimin were handing you.

“We want to make you feel more welcomed.” Namjoon said side hugging you.

“Yeah especially after helping us out so much yesterday.” Jungkook said bringing you a small box.

“Aww Jungkookie you didn't have too.” You opened it to find a crescent moon necklace with BTS engraved on it. “Aww Kookie.”

 You pulled him into a hug. You didn't realize how short you were. Yesterday you were in heels and you decide to convince YOUR stylists to let you wear nice white shoes in case you needed to run. You were short.

“Man you're cute if you're shorter than Jimin.” He smiled at you as you pulled away. Yoongi coughed and you looked at him.

“I um” he stuttered when I took the small box from him and grabbed his hand. “Open it alone.”

“Okay?” You put in your bag. “Now I see that cake over there let's eat it.”

 After you helped the staff clean up. Along with the guys and Bangtang.

“Thanks again by the way. You guys really didn't need to do that.” You said throwing away the trash.

“We know but we wanted to welcome you properly. Especially for helping us yesterday.” Hoseok said.

“Anytime guys really. So what are we doing today?” you asked making your way to the prep room.

“Yoongi and I will be working in the recording studio, Tae and Jin will be working on vocal warmups and the others are going to the dance studio.” Namjoon said picking up his bag.

“You can join us if you want” Jungkook and Yoongi said at the same time. Both boys looked surprised at the others words. Yoongi seemed mad and Jungkook was more than aware. Well this should be good.

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