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I love love love this drama!

I am a huge fan of any drama with a masked character, I don't know why but I love it.

You can watch this drama here at DramaFever!

Genre: Historical, Melodrama, Political, and Romance
# Of Episodes: 40
Structure of Episodes:
There are four episodes per week, each episode is 30 minutes long. It airs on Wednesday's and Thursday's. This week episode's 29-32 will air.

In the 1700's, Crown Prince Lee Seon fights against Pyeonsoo hwe, an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. He becomes a hope for the people who suffer. Ga-Eun is the woman Crown Prince Lee Seon loves and she helps him grow as a ruler.
My Synopsis:
Crown Prince Lee Seon was poisoned by the Pyeonsoo-Hwe shortly after birth but thankfully saved. In order to protect the him the King, his father ordered the Crown Prince to wear a mask and to kill anyone who saw his face. Lee Seon grew up thinking he had something wrong with him but little does he know the evil lurking in the shadows of Joseon. Eventually the Crown Prince sneaks out of the Palace disguised as a young man named Chun Soo, he crosses paths with a young woman named Ga Eun and a young man that has the same name as him, Lee Seon. The three of them become good friends, however the Pyeonsoo-Hwe are determined to get rid of the Crown Prince one way or another.


Crown Prince Lee Seon/Chun Soo
Played by Yoo Seung Ho
Commoner Lee Seon
Played by L (Kim Myung Soo)
Han Ga Eun
Played by Kim So Hyun
Kim Hwa Goon
Played by Yoon So Hee
Dae Mok
Played by Heo Joon Ho

Are you watching this drama?

If you aren't you should give it a try!!!
I watch it on Viki and am already done with episiode 32. Now waiting for more to come.
I watch it on DramaFever haha. I have Viki too but I happen to wait for DFs videos since the subs are more accurate. Im waiting on episode 33 this week!!!
YOO SEUNG HO!!!! 😍😍😍 I love his dramas. Definitely going to add this to my watch list
I love him!!! He's such a good actor! You should definitely check it out!
one of the best time piece dramas! I'm behind but still watchinf it!
It's seriously so good!
I'm watching this now... and it's soo good, can't wait for episode
I know me too!!! I'm all caught up now!!!