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From Dezeen: South Korean studio Design Band YOAP has squeezed nine apartments and a shop inside this compact white housing block in Seoul. Named YOAP White House, the building occupies a corner plot in Seoul's Bangbae neighbourhood. The site is 20 metres long but only eight metres wide, so Design Band YOAP had to design a five-storey building to allow enough room for eight studio apartments and one penthouse. "As is the case for all rental housing in [South] Korea, the building had to be profitable and economical, and yet the building should be pleasant and even pleasing for the residents," said the architects. The exterior of the building is rendered in bright white plaster and features a series of sliced-off corners that allow extra space for slanted windows, a pair of balconies and a secluded roof terrace. To contrast with the monochrome exterior, the interior is decorated in vibrant colours. Walls in the corridors are painted vivid blue and lime green, while the staircase is finished in yellow. Bright red doors mark the entrances to each apartment and lead through to asymmetric spaces, complete with fitted kitchens and separate bathrooms. "Each apartment was given the simplest floor plan possible, so that none of the nine apartment spaces would intrude into another in the limited area," added the architects. Photography is by Jae-Wook Cho. Here is some more information from the architects: Architect: Design band YOAP Architect In Charge: Doran Kim, Inkeun Ryu, Hyunbo Shin Mechanical Engineer: LINE engineering Structural Engineer: Qauntum engineering Construction: Yiinsigak Year: 2013 Location: Bangbae-dong, Seoul, Korea Project area: 350 sq m Site area: 175 sq m
Oh you're so so kind thank you :-)
@ouahoo Oh, redesigning, sounds like fun! Okay, I'll look into it and see what I can find. I'll let you know when I do!
Oh yes! You know what, I'd have loved to see the bathroom, I'm redesigning mine and I'm out of ideas all I know is I want it to be zen especially that it's small with no natural lights, if you have any link it would be heaven ;-)
@ouahoo Such a neat design.
I love it!