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Que tal Peeps

I tried staying silent for a while but I had to speak out!

As a veteran ARMY I'm so tired and pissed at these fake ARMY ppl. Many of them are new ones (no shade to the good new ones). I'm just disgusted with how they been causing drama all over! Some of them were on Twitter attacking Wale.

Low Key I feel real ARMY should give new comers a probation period before they earn the title ARMY. Like we should have a fandom police squad lol. Once you break the rules and so ya culo you would get this....

And these....

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I've been an ARMY for a long time now and I just can't comprehend the mentality of these so called "ARMYs" that can't see how much something like this will hurt BTS and especially Rapmon... I srsly just can't understand them. If our boys are such good people us ARMY should be the same if not better because in a way we represent BTS and we should live up to the name they have worked so hard to obtain. smh at those people that don't know how to be a true fan and disappoint BTS.... OTL...
I've been an army for a while as well as some fans are getting out of control attacking other fandoms as well as other artists. There is no nee dto hate others. People just tend tochave different opinions in misic and there should be no hate going around from people who claim to be armys as it sets a bad image on the rest of us Armys
I scrolled through the comments, but I am not sure what is going on. Could someone please fill me in? I'd be thankful :)
Some ppl who call thrmselves ARMY went in Wale's twitter page and verbally attacked him. They were saying he was using Namjoon's fame to get put back on the map. Namjoom did not need him. "Stay away" from RM. Just foul ish. This will explain it more. It has the actual names of some off the attackers. I had to say my 2 cents to them. One had the nerve to clap back at me cuz I called the guys papi chulos. She said it was a bad word and a REAL ARMY would not sexualize the guys. I'm like itch please JK calls himself international playboy...Namjoon admitted they watch porn...JH like cakes...and did u not see their dance moves? But that's another rant...
These self-called ARMYs people r bringing trouble to Wale and upsetting RapMon coz DID U KNOW HOW MUCH OUR LEADER APPRECIATED THE COLLABORATION WITH WALE? And U GUYS JUST LEGIT SCREWED UP EVERYTHING?! Jisus y must u attack Wale verbally???
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AH sorry it's..erm actually Jesus but I didn't want to make it like a swear word so I did a typo.. sozz
They were bombarding his twitter as well. It's really annoying
I mean instagram😪