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Que tal Peeps

I tried staying silent for a while but I had to speak out!

As a veteran ARMY I'm so tired and pissed at these fake ARMY ppl. Many of them are new ones (no shade to the good new ones). I'm just disgusted with how they been causing drama all over! Some of them were on Twitter attacking Wale.

Low Key I feel real ARMY should give new comers a probation period before they earn the title ARMY. Like we should have a fandom police squad lol. Once you break the rules and so ya culo you would get this....

And these....

why they want to attack Wale? his sense of music is good, as good as namjoon...thats why joon collab with him...
Yes I read this in another card and I went to twitter to send him a message apologizing and telling him that we love him that that was just and immature dumb fan that we ain't all the same
As I sip my tea in a corner looking at everyone
I've only been a army since November of last year (I know I'm such a lil Babs xD) and seeing the fight on Twitter has hurt me very deeply. it hurt me to see people saying that army was broken, but they were kinda right, everyone was fighting with each other and it was a hot mess. and it was upsetting to see people saying that it was armys fault. like no it's not our fault as a whole it was literally just one person trying to tick everyone off.
I agree that if we could do something to the "fans" that do something that isn't right they shouldn't be called ARMY. ARMY need to show respect to everyone even the ones who like other groups and try hard not to set something off. cause the boys do care for us and do want us to get along with others. That's why I don't get into stuff. Yes I'm an ARMY but I do not want to see ARMY who are not respectfully to others be such you know mean word to wale and need to learn to chill
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