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Xuimins interest in Nari peaked my curiosity, So I started writing something for him. Once I get Chapter 10 finished, I'll start posting.

Xuimin was always getting the women but they were just playthings to him. Now, its a different story after meeting Nari. Xuimin always felt that he didn't need anyone because he always had Chen. He loved Chen and Chen loved him, but where was the line between friendship and lovers. Can Chen hide his feelings for the sake of his friend's happiness, can Xuimin move on without Chen by his side. Along with the appearance of an old flame who still cares deeply about him. These are the reasons Xuimin stayed away from being in relationships.


When the movie started they settled back in their seats. Xiumin sat nervously, he would glance down at Nari’s hands sitting neatly folded in her lap. It'd been a long time since he held a girl's hand. He forgot how small and delicate some girl's hands were, their slender fingers, the way their nails felt against his skin. He shifted getting goosebumps from his neck down his back. He happen to look over at Chen when Chen crossed his legs wrapping his hands around his knee. He thought about how soft and warm Chen’s hands were, how he liked holding them. He was always trying to get Chen to hold hands but his Chen Chen would get shy, his face turning pinkish as he turned his head away smiling. He lived to make Chen turn shy.

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