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Que tal peeps!


This one shot is for mi amiga @VeronicaArtino!! I hope you enjoy this and I hope this uplifts your spirits hon! Besos!

It has been 4 weeks since Veronica and Namjoon broke up. She haven't heard from him, but she did not care until she heard from Hobi that he was bringing some new chick around that they did not like. Veronica grabbed your chest when Hobi told her the news through a text. Maybe this is my wake call to get over Namjoon. But really who could him better than me. Veronica continued on with life. When her co-worker Kai asked her out she finally said yes. He was asking her for about 3 weeks after the break up and she said no. However, ahe felt like ahe deserved to begin lookinh around again. Veronica put on a super cute trendy outfit. She knew Kai would be pleased and they went out for a date. They hit the local cafe, the local book store, had lunch at an authentic Japanese resturant, and went walking in the park. Veronica knew that many of their peers saw them, but she didn't care. Namjoon blew up her phone with texts inquiring about her where abouts. Veronica sent him a photo of her and Kai while texting I'm moving on... Namjoon was so pissed. But at himself. He began having racing thoughts as he thought about the night when Veronica and he broke up. He seen the pain in her eyes, but he was numb to her emotions. All he wanted to do was move on and focus in music. However, he later learned that he was shit without her. She was his fuel for his music. The next weekend is here and Veronica was going to the local with her friend Jasmine who was also Jimin's girlfriend. The local was a hot club where local artists would perform. The crowd went wild after dancing to Yoongi and Jimin's performance. Quickly it was Namjoon's turn. Before he did his number he spoke a few words. You never know what you have until it is gone. I had treasure right before my eyes but didn't know until I let her go. Baby girl this one is for you..... Namjoon winked at Veronica. Veronica blushed as everyone stared at her. She was not expecting this. Namjoon song was very emotional. However, Veronica felt very conflicted. She wanted to stay mad at Namjoon, yet ahe wanted to forgive him. She missed him more than ever despite him breaking her heart. The song had 12 seconds before it was over and Veronica ran outside into the wet ebony summer sky. She wanted veey fast and then began to run. She ignored her achy legs and lungs. She wanted to het away from her emotions and be numb like her feet. Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the alley. Veronica looked up at a blurry vision. The rain had her face drenched. Namjoon wipped her eyes and her face. He cupped her chin. "Baby I'm so sorry I caused you pain. You are all I ever want. I love you." Namjoon said. "What am I to think Kim Namjoon. You pick music over me. You said so yourself! You are selfish." Veronica yelled. "You are right I was selfish and it took me lossing you to realize you are my music. I'm sorry. I love you. I want you back." "Prove it!" "I was hoping you would say that." Namjoon grinned and planted his lips on Veronica's lips. Veronica fought for a few seconds and then gave in to his touch. He pressed passed her lips and tasted the inside of her mouth. He kissed aling her wet neck while pushing up her skirt. He began rubbing Veronica through her panties causing her to moan. He slipped his hands down her panties and allowed his middle finger to circle her inside softly. Namjoon gasped as he felt her warmth and wetness. "Ah baby I missed you so much." He moaned before sucking on her neck and adding his index finger. Veronica moaned loudly as she sucked on her bottom lip. Namjoon left marks on her neck and pushed her panties to the side. He removed his fingers and licked them. "I've been making you feel so bad baby. Let me make you feel good." Namjoon said. He spread her legs and sat underneath her. He locked his mouth on her nub amd began making loud sucking noises. Veronica almost fell, but Namjoon held her firmly. He licked her from front to back while making random stops to suck in her nub. Veronica was moaning like a wounded dog. She began moaning his name. He then plunged two fingers deep inside jer while flicking his tongue across her swollen nub. He curved those fingers just right to hit her g spot. Namjoon stood up and pulled her right breast from her bra. She was drenched from the rain. He licked off the water from the rain and began sucking on her nipple while placing his fingers back inside her. Veronica acreamed as she felt a fire ripple inside her and liquid rushing from her. She quivered as Namjoon kissed her and plunged one more time inside her with his fingers. He suck on his fingers and look deep inyo her eyes with a puppy dog face. "Baby you forgive me?" "Yas Namjoon I forgive you." Veronica gasped before she kissed him.
yes it made me smile. ty besos😙😘😚
@VeronicaArtino I'm glad!