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I didn't watch all of Sixteen because survival shows break my heart, but Natty, Eunseo, and Jiwon from the show that created Twice have left JYP.

They will be entering a new show (that looks a little terrifying) called Idol School starting next month!

It always makes me feel nervous and sad for trainees when they switch companies because it must be so terrifying! If this is your dream, you want to do whats best for you but imagine taking that leap - leaving a huge company because you aren't positive you'll debut how you want to and going out without a label to fight for a spot on TV?!

This is exactly why I don't wish the trainee life on anyone. It's a stress fest.

I wish these girls well and am interested to see how this Idol School show ends up :)

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so they're joining the love live of kpop shows then?