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i miss my cutte kimmy sooo muchhh R U HAVING FUNNN W YOUR GIRLFRIEND IN Europe ENJOY cutiee BUT PLZZ COME BACK 2 US FAST WE MISS UUU SHOO MUCHH THESE ARE ALL MY MEMORIES FROM ALL HIS SHOWS DAT I HAVE WATCHED JUST 4 HIMM I LOVE HIMM AND I MISS HIMM Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers) F4 Kim Bum (Still Marry Me) and yup if u all have n't check still marry u all btr check it out u won't be dissapointed i promise lol Kim Bum (Goddess Of Fire) Well da show wasn't as great as i was expecting but HE WAS AMAZING AND AWESOME SO DAT WHAT MATTERS NAA haha i love himm and i miss himm soooo much saranghhae cuttee kimmy 4 u all fans kimbum fans like mee kim bum does have an official fb page that he updates once in a long while i mean a long while lol the last one was in his birthday i missz him here it is do like thgh bcs he does update i knw he will come back haha lol
idk why, but I shipped his relationship more than jan di and Jun pyo in boys over flowers. (forgive me minho! )