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Crying right now

So, I thought I lost this, but I found it in my old college binder and I'm like crying so bad right now. The reason why I'm crying is because my best friend had drew this just for me. She knew I love Kiba and she took her time drawing this. She was the most talented drawer I have ever met. So here's another reason why I'm crying. My best friend had passed away 8 almost 9 years ago and everyday I miss seeing her and hanging out with her. I still don't know what happen but all I know is that she's in a better place. I truly miss my best friend and her crazy goofy self. I wish she was still here
I'm sorry for your loss馃槥
She sounds like an awesome person and I bet she was just as grateful to have a such a caring friend as you were grateful to have her <3
馃槩 I just read your comment and yes she was. I truly miss her so much everyday and every year on her death I wish my best friend was still here
It may soothe those difficult times to do something special on occasions like her birthday and/or death date. Like eat snacks, play a game, or activity you guys would do together and envision her being there with you in spirit.
Think of it as honoring and celebrating her life rather than mourning her death.
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