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Do You Have Any Groups That You Only Like One Style?
For example, I really love GOT7's more emotional or hard hitting songs like If You or Hard Carry than their more light fun songs like Girls Girls Girls.

Do you guys have any groups that you really love their dark concepts but are not so in love with their lighter ones? Or the opposite?

I think I feel that way about BTOB too but I like their more light and fun songs versus their dark ones :)
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VIXX, BAP, and FT Island... the dark concepts kill me. the lighter ones aren't bad, but I prefer the dark.
3 months ago·Reply
I prefer dark concepts over light ones but as long as the song is good, I'm good
3 months ago·Reply
I prefer Infinite's darker concepts rather than the light and I prefer Mamamoo's fun goofy songs (like 1cm pride and AZE GAG) over their sexy ones like Delcomanie
3 months ago·Reply
It really depends on my mood but sexy concepts are always good with me! Boy and girl groups!
3 months ago·Reply
With pentagon even tho they don't have much songs out , I prefer their dark looking concepts , except for the ceremony album that just came out.. that's about the only light concept from that I like ... I don't know why I don't like pretty pretty tho.
2 months ago·Reply