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For example, I really love GOT7's more emotional or hard hitting songs like If You or Hard Carry than their more light fun songs like Girls Girls Girls.

Do you guys have any groups that you really love their dark concepts but are not so in love with their lighter ones? Or the opposite?

I think I feel that way about BTOB too but I like their more light and fun songs versus their dark ones :)
I like the darker songs of VIXX
honestly prolly gonna get some hate for this, but bts's old music. I haven't been able to get into their newer music. i also liked sistars, girls day, and t-ara's original style.
i get that too. thats how i feel witt Got7
With SHINee, I like the darker, more mature theme in there videos. I love everyone of their songs, but I prefer videos like Lucifer and Everybody
Exo i like there songs like monster but not lotto but the one group that i love every concept is Seventeen lol i cannot find a song that i dont like
I'm torn between vixx o.o
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I like ravi's light side but Nikhun's dark 😭😭
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