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Let the tears pour! Another amazing drama came to an end sadly, but the last two episodes were SUPERFANASTICAWESOME! So the last episode (Whoa! Need to take a breath and recover) it was insanely intense! So let's begin the RECAP of the FINAL episode: 1) It began off with shocking news of DH's mother mentioning SAN (aka YJ's son) and DH's mother comes out saying/admitting that her son is still alive and she lied about his death! Which ends up making YJ go crazy and demand to see her son and then the mom brings the photos of the child and YJ becomes shock as she looking at her soon, meanwhile, DH is also in shock about this news that his mother was hiding from him. 2) YJ the next day (I assume) goes and seeks her soon out. She sees a lady and her soon walk out of the apartments, sadly she looks crazy when she hugs him and starts telling the lady that his name is San and the lady becomes shock and runs off with San, which DH then steps in to stop her from following them. She then yells at him and tells him that it's all his fault. And he told her that he didn't know either which she then SLAPS him! 3) YJ and the help of her friends then go report to the police of the fake/fraud documents that DH's mother made of San's death and adoption and the police then go and arrest her. YJ visits her and basically tells her that she will suffer. 4) Aside from that MY was at SY's house and (to me it sounded like sweet talking) began to bring up the memories of the pass and was telling her how much he appreciated to have there as a friend and someone to lean onto. And then he forgive hers. 5) YJ walks through the park where she sees San and his new family eating and having a good time, San's new mother walks over with San to her and becomes grave. San ask 'Ahjumma you came again?' (which he was refering to the time when YJ came to their house to talk to the mom about how San is her soon, which then the mom begs not to take him away from her) YJ smiles at San and tells him 'I'm not Ahjumma (while she sadly looked up at the mom and looks back at him to tell him) I'm your aunt.' *o* WHAT?! It threw me off that she gave up her son, but she then later explains that she knew how it felt to get your son taken away and she didn't want the girl to go through that. But the even more crazier part about that scene was when DH went crazy and started slapping himself asking YJ forgiveness while he watch his son with the other family. 6) Back to MY: SY walks into his office and stands in front of his desk as she shreds the contraction of their marriage into pieces and tells him that it's off! She tells him that she will be okay and walks off! 7) MY talks to his dad about giving up the management and wants to be send off somewhere really difficult where he has to work his butt off for. (I'm not sure why he did that, but I'm assuming he was trying to show how he mature). 8) When YJ finds out that he is leaving to Armenia the next day, she ran off to the airport to find him. She looks for him and finds him and smiles as she and he walks toward to each other, but then MY walks right by her and LEAVES! That's it no goodbyes nothing! 9) DH finally admits to killing CJ and he then he gets imprison! SJ leaves to who knows where! And that's the end for both characters! 10) THE epic ending then comes in! MY has come back and he surprises her when she sees him in her bakery (her dad's bakery which he gave back to her) eating one of the sweets and he say 'I don't like sweet stuff' v*o*v I just die! He then tells her that he didn't come back because of her but because he was curious of something. Which then he ask her what was the wish she made at the temple, she replies to him that it's a secret. And then he picks her up and puts her up on the counter top and leans into her and demands to know; she tells him that if she did then he would leave her because then it wouldn't be fun anymore which he likes fun and he becomes serious and said that it's not fun anymore. She calls him president and tells him that everybody has secrets. He then tells her his name is not president considering he's not one anymore and tells her to call him by his name. She says her name about three times because he kept telling her to say it And then she pulls him in for a sweet kiss!!!!!!!!! It ends with them smiling at each other and it's over....... I love it! Tears are flowing, depression sinking in, sigh. So what were your overall thoughts on this drama? Go ahead and comment your thoughts! Can't believe it's over already! T-T Peace! :)