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It's a little short, but it's short and sweet! Hope you all enjoy and join our festivities with your own entries!! HAPPY LEETEUK DAY!

It was a beautiful day and the shoot was going well for the show he'd been cast in. His cheeks hurt from smiling so much. "Leeteuk Ssi!" He heard from behind him as he was getting a bottle of water. It was his manager and he had a worried look on his face. Leeteuk put his water down and ran to his manager, held his shoulders in his hands and searched his face. "What's wrong?" He asked. His manager paused for a moment and wrung his hands nervously, hesitant to speak. "It's ok. Tell me so I can help." Leeteuk said with a gentle squeeze to the man's shoulders. "What do we do, Leeteuk ssi?" He started, "I left my phone at our hotel room and it has your schedule on it." Leeteuk laughed and shook his manager's shoulders. "That's it?" He asked wearing his token grin. "Don't worry. We'll just go back to the room and get it when we're done here." "I'm sorry to burden you, with this mistake." He said with a sigh of relief and a nod. Leeteuk gave him an additional pat on his shoulders and motioned for him to stand aside so he could finish the last of his shoot. When they were done, they packed up in their van and headed toward the hotel for the phone. When they got to the door to their room, the manager gasped and cursed under his breath while frantically patting his pockets. He looked over at a curious Leeteuk and, with an apologetic look, explained that it seems he left the room key in the room too. Leeteuk smiled again and told him to go to the front desk to get someone to let them in. After a few moments his manager returned with a very upset look in his eyes. "They said their card readers are down and waiting to reboot. They can't open any doors until it's finished." He said wringing his hands again. Leeteuk sighed, sat down on the floor by their door and closed his eyes, leaned his head against the wall and laughed. He patted the floor next to him, inviting his stressed companion to join him. Reluctantly his manager sat there, fiddling anxiously with his shirt button. After a few moments, he wore a puzzled look that replaced his nervous one. Leeteuk sighed again, patted his manager on the back and told him to cheer up. "How are you so calm when I keep screwing up?" He asked quietly. Leeteuk remained quiet for a moment, clicked his tongue, sat up and said, "Getting upset changes nothing. And to be honest - you've known me for years- I've been through too much to sweat the small stuff." At that moment, there was a rustle at the other side of the door they were locked out of. Both men whipped their heads toward the noise, stood up and pressed their ears to it. Another bang and a muffled "shhh" came from what was supposed to be their empty room. Leeteuk banged on the door, which elicited a yelp from his manager, and began calling to the mysterious person in the room. The door clicked and inched open to reveal a dark and quiet entrance. Leeteuk slowly stepped inside, felt for the light switch, flipped it, and fell on his hind end when voices shouted and party horns blared. All the members of his group where standing there with a cake, streamers, and a huge banner saying happy birthday. Behind him his manager walked up holding his "missing" phone and the room key with a huge apologetic grin on his face. Leeteuk gently punched him in the arm and walked into the crowd of his dearest friends embracing each one as he walked. "He doesn't look too stressed" Kangin said inquisitively to the manager. "What can I say" the manager said while shrugging, "he's a leader and a tough cookie." Kangin nodded and grinned as he locked Leeteuk's head in his arm, and the rest of the party planners clapped and sang and made the night a long and joyous one to celebrate the birth of the man they followed, who was grinning again, ear to ear.



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Aawwee!!! This is so cute!!!!
awww cute
That's perfect! That's how I picture him to be, a patience man 😊
right! patient and strong.