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A Human Doctor Just Had To Deliver a Baby Gorilla

Definitely not your typical day on the job.

Last Friday, an OBGYN at a human hospital got the call of a lifetime. A gorilla at the Philly Zoo was having difficulty giving birth, and they needed an expert to help perform a C-Section to save the mom and baby.

20 minutes later, Rebekah McCurdy was at the zoo ready to save some lives.

They really didn't want to do a C-section because of the recovery time, but you couldnt just lay a gorilla down on a table and tell her to push! But luckily Dr. McCurdy had a better idea.

She approached the birth just like a human one and realized that she could just pull the baby out, as it was already about to be born - it was just facing the wrong way making it difficult for it to leave the mother.

McCurdy grabbed the baby, made sure everything was safe, cut the cord, and cleaned the healthy baby boy up before giving it back to the mother (once she woke up from the aneasthesia of course)

She said it was completely surreal, and its only just now hitting her that she hand-delivered an endangered species, and saved two precious lives in the process.
For more information check out this article or watch the video below!
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