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Tops sentencing has come in but not much information has been released. I'm not entirely sure how Korean law works, but it seems like he has a minimum 10 month sentence and a probation officer. If he goes against his probation officer /prosecutor, he'll get an additional 2 years.
Korea is super strict when it comes to drugs, but the western and Asian idea of dealing with things are different. in Asia, the simple fact that a person broke the law is enough for extreme punishment because it's a sign of bad morals and character. Korea acts like a mama bear. it's not just punishment; it's making sure you don't do it again.

However if you ask me, this is like pulling someone over for going 5 miles over the speed limit when someone is is going 20 over. it's overkill for sure. he's already been through so much, but of course the law doesn't care about that. I don't think this is honourable at all.
He knew the consequences if he was caught, and he accepted his punishment. Now it will be interesting to see if he has to wait the 10 months before he can reenlist for his military service. I know he has to start over from day 1. Something like this has happened to other idols in the past.
i swear asia the only place in the world that pot isn't consider medical. They arw beimg too uptie. Someone quick get tabi to Europe or America
😢😢 Poor Baby.. after all he has been throught..😢😢😢
I read he was dating that chick too.
TOP is reacting honorably to the laws of the country he calls home. Those of us who live in different countries under different laws may have a harder time fully accepting his verdict and outcome and have more empathy for TOP on a personal level... all we can do is continue to show him our support in a positive way.