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Since One, previously of the hip-hop duo OnePunch has finally made his solo debut under YGE, I felt the need to make a post about all the Korean idols/singers/rappers/groups I could find with numbers in their name. And my list goes like this:

First Generation Idol:


Debuting in 1998 we have the hip-hop group 1TYM consisting of Teddy Park, Danny Im, Oh Jin Hwan, and Song Baek Young. This is the one group from the 90's who has never officially disbanded, they just kind of stopped. So if they make a comeback I would be super happy.



I have a confession to make. Out of all the 90's duos I have listened to, I love Deux the most. Members Kim Sung Jae and Lee Hyun Do have the best swag and credited with helping to introduce Korea to hip-hop and new jack swing (my favorite style). The song below is their debut song and honestly one of my favorite.

DEUX -Turn Around And Look At Me

Two Two

Okay let me introduce one the less popular 90's pop bands TwoTwo. Interesting fact, their name is TwoTwo because they were all 22 when they debuted. They would have been called Traffic Light instead, do you think they made the better choice with TwoTwo? Anywho, the members consist of Kim Ji Hoon (vocals), Hwang hye Young (vocals), Oh Ji hoon (leader, vocal, guitarist), and Yoo Hyun Jae (bass player).

Two Two - One and a half

As One

As One has been around since 1999 or so I think and they have mainly produced ballads as far as I can tell. In case you are curious, Yes they have always been a duo, and No they have not changed members.

As One - The Pain I Caused

Uptown 3000

Uptown 3000 is actually a hip-hop duo made up of Carlos Galvan aka "Cali-Mexci" and Steve Kim aka "Kwon" but I couldn't find a photo of the two of them together or even a seperate one of Kwon so here is one of their songs.

Uptown 3000 - No More Cry

Do you guys know any of these idols? At least the ones from the first generation or some under rated groups and solo artists you may not have heard of.
Let me know in the comments below who you know and don't know and who you like or don't like.