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Name change coming soon...

I can't decide. But I just wanted to give a heads up that in the very near future, it may be one of these...

1. Just Stephanie
2. 스테파니 (first name in Hangul)
3. I Wanna Bite Sehuns Thigh (IG acct)
4. EXOAhjummaFan (YAY!)

LOL those are what I came up with. I'm changing names because I'm going to use my Matokokepa as a business name. I renewed my business license and that's what I wrote down as the new business name. I don't think I want some one looking my business name up and finding my profile here. Its not very professional, you know what I mean?

But I'll post another card, when I have finally decided.


Here's Kai doing something #sxy

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I'm partial to 2 and 4. Mainly 4
3 & 4... out those two, 4 as well