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*Taehyung's perspective*

"What the was that?" I said and looked at Jimin who was clinging onto me. "I-I don't know," Jimin said looked at Jungkook. "I'll check it out you two stay here," Jungkook said as he got up from his bed and left the room. Me and Jimin waiting for Jungkook "this is taking too long" jimin said a bit worried. "Relax Jiminie," I said as I petted Jimin's head to calm him down. "It's too quiet Tae maybe something happened to him," Jimin said starting to worry even more.

"It's okay, this Jungkook we're talking about I'm sure he is fine," I said trying to reassure him. The bedroom door swing opens making me and Jimin jump. "Jimin we are going to need towels," Jungkook said. "Jeez kookie you trying to give us a heart attack?" I said holding my hand over my chest. "Now is not the time to be joking around we need a lot of towels," Jungkook said sounded a bit annoyed.

"Jimin you stay here," Jungkook said with a very serious tone. Jimin didn't question it and nodded to Jungkook. I wanted to question him but I will wait later. I went to the bathroom and grab all the towels I could. I returned back to the room and Jungkook looked very uneasy. "Follow me hyung," he said as walked out the room and I did. As we approach the living room he stops me "hyung whatever you do, don't panic." Jungkook said as he stared at me.

I nodded my head a bit worried and curious about what I'm going to see. then I heard crying, it wasn't loud but I heard and I got really worried. We enter the living room and my heart stopped. "Everything is going to be okay," Chanyeol said to his boyfriend and I stood there watching them. Jungkook walked up towards them with his share of the towels. "Thanks even though his arm is regenerating the blood won't stop flowing out," Chanyeol said as grab the towels to help stop the bleeding.

How is Jungkook okay with this? I am scared to see this. He was fine just a few hours ago and now he is missing arm. But he looks okay and shows no signs of dying. But this doesn't make sense unless Baekhyun is a vampire as well. This too much for me to comprehend and my brain is starting to hurt. So many things are running through my mind that I didn't notice Jungkook was calling me. "Hyung?" Jungkook called to me again and looked at him.

"S-Sorry," I said trying to keep calm and act normal as possible. "You okay? You looked kinda pale?" He said with a bit of a worried tone. "Yeah I'm fine," I said as walk closer to them with the towels. "It's okay Tae I'm alright," Baekhyun said so calmly like if he wasn't missing an arm. I just gave them a slight smile and handed over the towels to Chanyeol. After that I tried to quietly returned to Jimin's and Jungkook bedroom as ignore Jungkook telling me to stay. As was about to enter the room, Jungkook grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the living room.

I didn't say anything and just stood awkwardly. I was trying to not focus on Baekhyun's missing arm and I was trying to act natural at the same time. "Tae?" Baekhyun called out to me softly and I just couldn't look at him. "Yes?" I said staring at out the window and before I knew it he turned my head straight towards him. I swear to god my heart way about to leap out my chest because Baekhyun was standing right in front of me with his missing arm that's now back like it wasn't missing in the first place. "Tae" Baekhyun said still with a soft tone and I just stared at him.

"Tae relax your heart, it shouldn't be beating that fast" Baekhyun said and that made my heart beat even faster if that was even possible. I stood there not saying anything as I just stared at him. Baekhyun stared at me for awhile and the room was too silent for my liking. "Tae are you scared of vampires?" Baekhyun finally spoke and I didn't know how to respond. I was scared of vampires but I'm not scared of Baekhyun. I was just scared at how he can lose an arm and sit there not showing any sign he was in pain. I mean his eyes were puffy so he did cry but now he acts like it never happened.

Once again silence fills the room and we stood there staring at one and another. This last for 10 minutes which felt like eternity "hyung you look tired" Jungkook said as he and Chanyeol watching us stare at each other. I didn't respond to Jungkook and which made silence take over the room again. I finally broke eye contact with Baekhyun and looked at the clock. It's already 5:30! I looked at the clock in shocked and ran back to the bedroom. I enter the room to see Jimin sleeping and thought how lucky he was that he got some sleep. I quickly grabbed my clothes and headed to the Bathroom. After the shower, I got dressed and headed out the bathroom to see Jungkook leaning against the bedroom door frame.

I stood there not sure what to do but I couldn't be late to the university. So I quickly grab my stuff and passed Jungkook as walking out of the room. But he grabs me by the arm "hyung you didn't get much sleep you sure you want to go to the university?" Jungkook said with a worried expression. I just shook his hand off "I'm fine" I said as I walked passed him and headed out the house. I walked to the university which was a lot longer seeing that Jimin and Jungkook lived a bit further away from the university.

Once I reached the campus grounds I headed straight to Fine Arts building. I enter the building to see Chanyeol and Baekhyun waiting. But how did they get here so fast? They were still at Jimin and Jungkook's house when I left. They were also wearing different clothes as well. "Hey Tae," Baekhyun said with a smile but it made me feel uneasy. "Hey Baekhyun" I quietly greeted back and Chanyeol walked to me "Taehyung you look kinda pale," Chanyeol said with the same worried expression Jungkook made this morning. "I'm fine," I said as backed away a bit and I saw a hurt expression on his face when notices What I did.

I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to stay here any longer so I started to walk off to class. But I stop dead in my tracks because Baekhyun was suddenly right in front of me. "Tae you never answered my question," he said with that same soft voice and it made me nervous. "I-I don't know," I said and Baekhyun stared at me still waiting as if I didn't answer him. "Tae please give me your honest answer," he said with sad eyes. "Okay F-Fine I am but I'm not scared of you guys," I said that last part quietly. "Then why did you back away from Chanyeol?" Baekhyun asked not sure to believe if I was telling the truth or not.

"how do you expect me to act? Like everything is normal? Like it's not a big deal to found out that your friends are vampires and only because one of them showed up with a missing arm!" I said with a bit of anger and I don't know why. Baekhyun was surprised by my reaction "because they knew you would act like this" a familiar voice said. I turned to see that Jungkook was standing there and right behind him was Jimin.

I looked at all of them and felt hurt that I was left out. why didn't they tell me from the start, did they really think I couldn't handle it knowing that Chanyeol and Baekhyun are vampires. I felt so many emotions running through me and I couldn't take it anymore. The memories of Jellyfish University stared resurfacing and I thought it's going to be Jellyfish University all over again. I had enough and walked back to the front doors of the building. Jungkook tried to grab my arm to stop me but I slipped away from him and I just ran not knowing where I was going.

I heard them call to me but I ignored them as I kept running. I ran into another building and kept running. As I was running inside the building, I turned a corner and I ran into somebody. "I'm sorry," I said not looking up as I got from the floor. "Damn you ruined my shirt"the person. I notice a empty coffee cup on the floor and looked up to see who the person was. I start feeling my heart race again as I saw him, the front yesterday I think his name was Namjoon. "oh if ain't the angel kid" he said with a smile but it didn't match his eyes. "I-I'm s-so sorry" I stutter and he laughed at me. "Hoseok was is right you are cute but not as a cute Jin," he said with a smile that seemed genuine. "Yo Namjoon" a voice called put from behind Namjoon.

"Sup Yoongi hyung look who bumped into me," Namjoon said as he moves to show me stand there nervously. "the angel kid?" Yoongi stared at me with confusion. "why are you in the Music Production building?" Yoongi asked staring into my soul. "I-I um" I didn't know what to say to them then I heard  Yoongi yawned "don't tell me I honestly don't Care," he said and looked at Namjoon's shirt. "what the hell happened to your shirt Namjoon?" Yoongi said laughing at Namjoon and Namjoon just glared at Yoongi. "Well I was walking to class till the angel kid bumped into me," Namjoon said as pointed to me than the coffee stain on his shirt. "I'm s-sorry," I said looking at with apologetic expression. "It fine kid," Namjoon said which caused Yoongi stop laugh and stare at Namjoon with a questionable look.

"R-Really?" I said a bit surprised and was unsure if he was going to let me off the hook that easily. "yup I'm willing to let this side in exchange for a favor" he said with a devilish grin and looked at him "what kind of favor?" I asked really nervous about this whole encounter and what came next made me regret asking.


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