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Genre(s): Romance, Tragedy, Character Death, Time Travel AU, Angst, Dimensions?
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Chapters: 11/? ( Not counting the Prologue)
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix something but things don't turn out quite the way she planned..

A/N: Anybody listen to G-Dragon's new album? I'm currently going through the tracklist as I write this. Middle Fingers-Up and Bullshit are my favorite so far but I'm listening to Untitled 2014 right now and it's beautiful. Has anyone else listened to the new album? If so, what were your favorite songs? Tell me about it, I'd actually like to know, which is kind of out of character for me but I do want to know for some reason. But anyway...

" Aish, you're so loud." She whined, squirming around. " Fine, fine. I'll go back now." She made a move to get up but pulled my face down and kissed me first. " I love you, Jiminnie." It wasn't a long one, but it froze me completely. Just one peck and then she was up and shuffling back to her room, leaving me confused out of my mind.

Did Y/N just kiss me? And now all of sudden she loves me?

What the Hell just happened?

It wasn't until I settled completely that I realized what just happened. That wasn't a dream, was it?

" Shit!" I sat up, grabbing my hair in frustrated realization. " What the fuck did I just do?!"

Still Y/N's POV
I kissed Jimin. Not just any Jimin, Past Time Jimin. The Jimin that just met me and hadn't kissed me yet. Shit, I must have thought we were still in present time. Back when i could kiss him all I want.

Should I just pretend I don't remember? That it was a bad case of sleepwalking? Would he believe that? Or should I bring it up first? For now, I'll just hope he doesn't bring it up first.

It was awkward as fuck when I walked into the same room as Jimin. He hadn't said anything, just avoided any if not all contact with me. It kind of hurt but I had to remember that this Jimin didn't know me yet like he did later on.

The others must have noticed the tension because Jungkook came to talk to me later that day.

" Hey..." He knocked softly on my door before coming in. He looked concerned. " Is...everything alright?"

" Yeah, what makes you think something is wrong?"

" There's some kind of tension between you and Jimin hyung, we all kind of noticed." He looked down at his feet like he said something wrong. How could I resist?

" Can you keep a secret?" I asked like an adult trying impress their kid with a surprise.

" Sure...?"

" I'm from the future." I said casually. He gave me a look that said he was way too old for that kind of stuff.

" Jimin and I had an awkward moment yesterday and it's still awkward." I summarized. He nodded in understanding and then we sat in silence after that.

" Hey," He broke the silence. " Are you really from the future?"

" Yes." I said with my straightest face. It didn't last long, staring at Jungkook's confused face made me burst into laughter which made him join in as well and soon we were both just a laughing mess, clutching at our stomachs and wiping tears from our eyes.

There was no harm in telling him, he wouldn't believe it anyway, it was a way for me to reassure him. But it was a dark reminder for me. I would have to return soon and present time Jungkook hadn't laughed with me in years. I was going to miss this time period. So so very much.

But it had to be done.

Jimin's POV
Y/N went out again. The familiar scuffling sounds and the door sqeaking open making me stop everything and peek out of my room. Y/N had just stepped out.

Was it another night time trip? Or was she simply just stepping out to get some air? Curiousity got the best of me and I hurried to slip on my shoes, careful not to wake the others.

I ended up back at the telephone booth. Or at least, near the telephone booth. Y/N was waiting. And then the phone rang. But this time, I could tell that she was hesitating to pick it up.

Her face was that of sadness. It pained me to see it, and I only hoped she would hurry back so that I could comfort her. Only, she didn't walk back home. She hung up, and walked out of the phone booth, looked up into the sky, and began crying.

I hadn't answered Namjoon's calls for nearly a week. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to say goodbye to this time. Everyone was still so happy, and together, and whole again. But back in my time, I had Namjoon. He was always there for me, I couldn't just leave him after all he went through for me. With that in mind, I headed out to the phone booth, waiting to see if he would call again.

" Y/N?!" I winced, he sounded extremely worried, panicked almost. " Where the Hell have you been?! I've been calling you for days! I thought I had lost you again!"

" I know, I know. I'm terrible. I'm sorry, Namjoon. I a little attached."

" Y/N, it-It's fine. I just, got a little worried is all." Great, now he sounded upset. I was feeling guilty, so guilty. "Are you...ready to go through with this, though? I just, I don't want to lose you. But I know how much you want to stay and I wish I could make it so you could visit anytime, but honestly, I'm not even sure it's gonna work this time. Are you getting this?"
Even at a time like this, he was still giving me a chance to make up my mind. Even if it meant he would lose me. But this was wrong, I didn't belong in this time.

" It's fine, Namjoon. I want to do this. I don't belong here." I sighed, tears were threatening to spill but I didn't want Namjoon to worry any more than I had already made him.

"Okay." He said softly. " Okay, Y/N. I guess we're really going to do this."

" Yeah, I guess."

"I'm sorry it had to be this way, Y/N."

Namjoon told me to go back to where I had been when I crossed over. The alleyway Bora found me in. I clutched the sweater I was wearing nervously, stepping out of the phone booth, but then I realized it wasn't my sweater.

It was Jimin's.

Upon realizing, I sank to my knees, a wave of emotions crashing over me and I let out the tears I had been holding for so long. But Namjoon had asked me to be ready in ten minutes. So I had to regain my composure and make my way to the alleyway.

It wasn't far from here, I could make it in two minutes. But something stopped me, something closed around my wrist and pulled me back.

" Wait, where are you going?" If I didn't know that voice as well as I did, I would have panicked and ran. But this one held me in place, there was no escaping it.

" J-Ji-Jimin." I whispered, turning around slowly. Jimin's face was flushed pink and he was panting like he just ran a mile. His cheeks were damp with tears and his lips were parted and he was a stuttering mess.

" Y/N, please tell me what's happening? Why are you so upset? Why are you leaving?" His glossy eyes searched mine, but mine remained emotionless. Not recieving a direct answer, he began tugging lightly at my arm. " C- come on, let's just go back? Please?"

" I- I'm sorry." I pulled my arm back. " I can't, Jimin. I'm sorry." Before he could say anything else, I took off running. I made it all the way to the alleyway, just outside of it on the sidewalk when Jimin finally caught up to me and pulled my arm back again.

" Y/N please don't leave. Was it something we did? I promise we were just trying to help you and-"

" Jimin, please stop." I gently touched his arm, his grip loosened. " Don't make this harder than it has to be. "

" Please tell me what I did wrong."

" Nothing. You did nothing wrong. I- I remembered everything, my life, my family. I wanted to tell you guys, but I thought it would be better if I just left. Please tell the others, thank you so much for taking care of me all this time." He hesitated but didn't seem to believe me. Or he didn't want to believe me.

" You expect me to believe you found your family exactly where Bora found you? You're telling me they live in this alleyway? " Shit he got me. But before I could come up with another lie, there was a flash of light coming from the alleyway.

It took both of us by surprise but I recovered first, tearing my arm from his grasp and whispering an apology before taking off. The last thing I saw was Jimin's face, his arm reaching out for me as tears ran down his cheeks before everything was black again.

I landed hard onto the floor. Everything was a fuzzy mess but it soon faded and I recognized myself in my basement. I looked around and there was Namjoon. His eyes wide and his mouth hung open in shock. Taehyung was behind him, by the door, his expression nearly identical. I was more than happy to see them, but their attention wasn't focused on me, more like something behind me.

" Namjoon? Taehyung? What's wrong?" My voice was just above a whisper. Neither reacted and I realized something must have gone terribly wrong.

Just as I made the assumption, Taehyung brought his hand over his mouth, his other hand pointed a shaky finger behind me.

I followed their gaze and as soon as I realized what they were looking at, my heart dropped.
I had made it through the machine, which was completely wrecked might I add, but I hadn't come back alone.

" Jimin?"

A/N: Finally!!! Y/N has travelled back to her time but she has discovered that she accidentally brought back a little soveniour. SOMETHING IMPORTANT: I have wavering ideas about how to end this story. I thought about trying a little something because I can't decide on the ending. I don't know if it will work. On other realted kind of news, does anyone know how to change links? Like, I don't like how when I link chapters the links take up so much space. I've seen people link chapters but they only have to list the numbers and when you click on the numbers it takes you to where the link was supposed to take you. Did that make any sense? I was going to look it up but if anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help me, I'd appreciate it very much.