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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Gray

You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.

~(Gray POV)~


I was testing Jay while being in a middle of recording a song. I had convinced Jay to get my Sapphire's number from his girlfriend Lili. Though he went M.I.A the moment he got to her house. I've been hitting him up to make sure I didn't get him killed. One of the reasons why Jay fell in love with Lili, was her ability to kick his ass.

Basically she keeps him in check and grounded. I wonder if Sapphire is like that too, cause those are great traits. I went back to work after not getting any replies from Jay from the pass ten minutes. I was about to finish and wrap up the track beat, when my phone chimed.

Text from Jaebummie:
'You so fuckin' owe me binch... '
I read Jay text message, before it chime again, with Y/N's number this time around. I smirked before storing the number in my phone, and getting back to work. Jay coming into the studio snap me out of my focus. I had lost track of time completely which was a bit normal in my book. "Did you call her?"

Jay asked as he fixed his hair. He was cover in scratches, and red marks that look like they would bruise later. "Rough sex or a Ass Wooping?" He just glare at me, before plopping down on the couch. "Both, but mostly an ass wooping... Now stop dodging my question. Did you call her?"

I sighed heavily, because I know I didn't, so I just dial it in front of him. He squinted his eyes at me, as I just smile at him. "Hello?" She sounded so tired, that it made me feel a bit guilty for calling her. "Long day already?" I heard a squeal on her end of the phone.

"How on earth did you get this number... You do know there a thin line between creepy and charming right?"

I gave a nervous chuckle as realized she was right. "I just couldn't stop thinking about you. When Jay confronted me about you being his girlfriend's roommate... Well I'll leave the rest to your imagination." Y/N just giggled over the phone, which sounded so sweet to my ears.

For some reason her laugh just warm my heart. "So, I am calling to ask you a question." I said while she hum, that I had her full attention. "Are you working tonight?" The line went quite before a soft sigh came through.

"Yeah I am working that club again til closing."

She seem disappointed that she was working. "Well go to work, I'll come visit you... we can plan out stuff when you're not busy." She chuckled when I heard Lili enter the room. "You coming or not! Or are you walking to work?" Y/N sighed and sounded like she was on the move. "I'll talk to you later...bye."

She hung up leaving me to look at my phone. "Why do I get a feeling she wanted to say yes to me but her bills won the argument?" I looked over at Jay, whom was sitting up right. "Sometimes they do if the person is responsible." I couldn't help but find that factor about her attractive.

I saved all my work and grabbed my gear. "Looks like I'm going to the club tonight" Jay arched an eyebrow, as I just waved for him to join me. Jay never actually argue about going, since it ment business and fun. I wasn't going to let her get away that easily. I know what I like, and I really liked Y/N.

~(Y/N POV)~

Walking into work was a bit difficult to do, when I really wanted to go on that date with Gray. If it wasn't for the back that I had bills to pay, I would of jump right now it. Yet if I lived like that I would be a slave making my parents richer. I prefer staying free and alive. I just sigh heavily and clocked in for my shift at the bar.

I was about to go to my usual station when my boss stop me in the 'employee only' hallway. "Y/N You did such an amazing job in the VIP area, I was hoping if you stay there permanently?" I just blinked, as I knew my jaw dropped. "I'll take your shock as a yes."

She giggled before handing over a clip board with a confidentiality contract. "Sorry, but if you do take the position at the VIP section bar, I need you to sign this. Mostly to protect the celebrities that stay over there. Take your time reading it over, then bring it to my office." I took the clipboard from her, as she went towards her office.

I looked down over at the clipboard, and glad she stop me in the hallway. It was well lit, allowing me to be able to read the paper work. The paperwork stated that I could not talk to them directly, unless spoken to. I was to remain calm as in no fan girling allow. As well as maintaining professionalism in th work place.

Treat celebrities like they weren't famous. Luckily, there was no rule saying I couldn't date them. I signed it, and enter my boss' office. She looked up at me, as I handed over the clipboard. "So when do I start?"

She grin before getting my new name tag out and made. She then handed it over to me, as it said I was a VIP bartender now. "Right now... They could use the extra hand." I nodded my head before heading over to my new station. They were running around helping out all waiter/ess and customers. I just easily, hope into the mix and took over helping the waiter/ess so they could focus on customers.

"Well well, I see a Sapphire amongst the beautiful bartenders. The girls all automatically giggled, as I just looked over at Gray. I didn't say a word though, as Lili's voice came into my head. I remember her warning about him, and was going to try to not be moved by him. Yet it was so hard, because I knew he wasn't going to leave me alone.

"Ouch, are you really ignoring me? After I came all this way for you."

I glared at him before finishing an order request. "I'm working..." I went to get the next order together, for the next waitor/ess. "I see this ... doesn't mean you can't talk to me. You know you want to." I walked over to Gray, earning a sweet smirk from him.

I just patted his head lightly, before going back to work. "When did I become a dog... though honestly I wouldn't mind being your dog." I couldn't hid my smile this time cause his comment did make me happy. "Oh, I got a smile out of my Sapphire. Now to see if she will finally say yes to going on a date with me."

The staff all stopped to look over at me. I just walked over to Gray and crossed my hearts. "I'm not your anything and when did you ever ask me out to begin with? I am at work, and I just started this sector permanently. I refuse to allow your comments and gesture to ruin my career here."

He just blinked at me, before looking over at something. He then looked back at me and pulled out his phone. "I asked just now... and I refuse to leave you alone until you say yes." I turn to ignore him again, but he was telling the truth. Gray stood at the bar beside me, making small talk and only ordering a soda if not a water.

"How you getting home tonight?" I was cleaning up and getting ready to close the bar for the night. "My own two feet." I took his empty cup and started cleaning it. "If I meet you outside, will you allow me to drive you home?"

I sighed heavily, and smiled warmly at him. "Okay only as long as you know your limitations." He smiled back and got up to leave. I did actually meet him outside in the back of the building. He was leaning against his car, whilst on the phone.

"I was starting to think you were playing me, Y/N."

I blinked at him a but surprise, since all night he just kept calling me, 'Sapphire'. "I did say yes, plus my place is so far away. I'm trusting, remember that." He looked up at me, whilst putting his phone away. "Yet still not going to go on a date with him." I knew I wasn't going to be able to listen to Lili's warning for long.

He was just... so perfect in my eyes. Gray actually was the first man ever in my life to make my heart skip a beat and race. I step close enough to stand in front of him. My body wanted him to hold my waist, and hold me close, but it was too soon.

"If you can get me home whilst behaving yourself, like the gentleman you are... Than yes I will go out with you... for lunch, since I do work nights."

I gently touched his shoulder, before brushing my lips against his cheek. I noticed as I moved away, that he was holding his breath, when I kissed him. "Okay, I'll behave... I really do want that date with you. And nice call on it being lunch, this way Lili won't stop you from coming to see me." I giggled softly, whilst he open the passenger door for me.

I got in happily, seeing him retrain himself just for me. Maybe I should give him a chance.

But there was still the warning that Lili gave me.

Was Gray really that dangerous that Lili wouldn't approve of her own boyfriend's friend?


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