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Odd Spirits!

I want to say a very special thank you to each of you. It's the last day of the quarter and you all have been absolutely amazing.
@PolarStarr thank you for joining the team. It was amzing to have support Myungsoo. I loved every moment of it. Your love for him is amazing and strong! Thanks again!
@stefaniTre Thank you for supporting our maknae and being apart of the INFINITE team. Even with so much going on you still posted for this bean.
@InfinitySky Girl you are adorable and have taught me so much more about INFINITE and Woohyun in general. Thank you for finally joining our little group. And thank you for almost daily spam!
@awkwardjazzy thank you for showing everyone your sunshine. Just as he is bright and shinning in the group so are you!
@MelissaGarza with so much going on you still always posted. Thank you for supporting this wrecker. You learned things you may have not known and shared things others didn't know.
@Helixx you drug me down thr BEAST hole while I drug you doen the INFINITE hole and here we stand with a new UB for you. Thank you for being part of this odd squad and sharing all things Gyu with everyone.
@InfiniteKiss from being a community member to becoming a support super last minute thank you. You have done so much just by commenting on cards and sharing your love for Infinite too. So again thank you.
As we wait to see what Vingle has in store for us Mods and supports I just wanted to say a small thank you for those who supported me for 6 months. It truly was fun and I really enjoyed it. Even though the first quarted was a bit rocky we still did an amazing job!
Don't think this is the end! We are still a team! I look forward to what vingle brings. Again, *bows*

Thank You.

No matter what happens you'll always be Infinite's mod in my eyes and I will always be here to support you! Thank you again for giving me the honor to join you and the other amazing supports, my friends. I love you all! ❤️
@Lemonlassie You are an amazing mod for this team and I hope to see it continue by your lead and the community grow here! I'm willing to continue to work with you guys!! It's truly an honor to work by your side!!