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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  2382 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 4

Y/N’s Pov:

“What did boss say?” You asked sitting down.

“He got another letter and it had a different signature at the bottom.” Seo Joon said showing you.

[Now now where your but daughter pay must childhood but is you stay you home]

“Why are they all scrambled up?” Hyungsik asked.

“Scrambled?”you asked.

“Yeah it doesn’t make sense any more sense then the last one.” Seo Joon asked.

“Scrambled! Hyungsik you're a genius.” You grabbed the phone and started reorganizing the words and letters from the last one.

“Woah really! Wait how?” Hyungsik asked.

“Quick we need to head to bosses house call him and tell him not to got home and we need back up.” You said standing up and running to the car. Bangtang's car was still there.

“Wait what's going on?” Seo Joon asked.

“Just get in, and hurry boss and his daughter are in danger!” Seo Joon jumped the hood of the car and got in on the passenger side and Hyungsik got in the back.

“Wait you know who's sending him these ransomed notes?” Seo Joon asked as you dialed the boss.

“His signatures at the end of the letters weren't signatures they were threats and clues .”you finally got ahold of the boss. “Boss where are you right now?”

“Miss. Y/n it's almost 9:00 I'm at the office.” His voice sounded raspy he probably fell asleep at his desk.

“Sir I need you stay calm and head home, but call backup, Seo Joon, Hyungsik and I are on our way.”you demanded drifting as you turned the corner.

“Y/n what's going on?” He said you could hear him moving.

“It's your father's killer. They weren't signatures sir they were statements. He got out in 2013 and knows you're staying at your old house with your daughter. He's there now.” You heard him sigh. “Sir is you spare key still under the plant pot?”

“Yes y/n, my wife is on the main flow the second bedroom to the left. My daughter's room is on the third floor please be careful.” You pulled up a block away from his house and jumped out. “Ok sir I'm here is your revolver still in the bedside table?”

“Yes. I'll be there soon y/n.” Probably thought he hung up when I heard him scream. “I need 6 to 12 agents pronto. I want three cars now!”

 With that you hung up. You jumped out and the guys pulled out their guns. You ran up to the plant pot and unlocked the door. You motioned the guys to check the first door then come back to you before you they proceed up stairs.

 You checked every door on your way to boss's bedroom just to be safe when you got there you placed a hand on her mouth so she wouldn’t scream and her eyes flew open.

“Shhh I work for you husband.” You grabbed the gun from the bedside table and handed her the phone there as well. “I need you to call 911 and tell them there's an intruder in your home after your daughter.”

“My daughter!” She gasped. “She's on the third floor near the bathroom.”

“I know Mrs. Your husband will be here soon” Seo Joon and Hyungsik came in.

“All clear Moon.” Hyungsik said.

“Stick will take you to the front I want you to wait for the police and your husband.” Sick nodded and she followed him out.

 You motioned Seo Joon to follow you to the second floor. You told him that you'd move to the third floor while he scoped out the second floor.

 The floor seemed darker than blue others. You checked the floor and no one seemed to be there. Once you hit her room she wasn't in her bed. You ran over to the open window. When you turned around a guy was there and hit you with a lamp.

 You held your gun up and he knocked it out of your hand causing it to fire. He definitely knew more than before, but I knew more. He reached for his gun and I kicked it out of his hand causing it to fire as well breaking the window and you heard police sirens.

“Who are you?” He had me in a headlock and started choking me. I knew a nerve in the arm that would make it go numb for a minute so he could let go of me and he did and I flipped him over my shoulder slamming him to the floor I ran to my gun but he grabbed my leg and I fell. Mind you I was still in a dress and I didn't know he had a knife.

 He missed me but caught my dress and I stood up ripping the whole thing off good thing I believe in under clothes. His other arm was fine again and he was back to fighting me. As I tried crawling away he kept hitting and punching my legs. Man they hurt like a mother fucker.

 I reached for the lamp he hit me with before and I swung at him hitting him in the head causing he to stop for a moment. I leaped for my gun and turned to aim it at him when he reached under the bed and pulled out boss’s daughter holding her in a headlock and had his gun to her head.

“You can't do this.” You stated holding your hands up. “I'll put my gun down and back down.”

“Shut the fuck up! You don't know what that man put me through!” He yelled and boss’s daughter begain in to cry. “He sent me to prison and I didn't get to see my son graduate. He was hit by a car a year after that! He died while I was in there!”

“You killed his father right in front of him when he was barely 10 he found you 5 years after that.” You saw Seo Joon in the doorway aiming his gun at him. “What about your wife?”

“What!” I threw him off with this question. He loosened his grip on her.

“Your wife. I'm sure she needed you there.” He stopped and cleared his throat.

“She still needs me!” He yelled and started to cry. But removed the gun from her head.

“Then what will this do to her. Even if you kill this little girl you'll still go to prison.” Seo Joon gave you that look that he was ready to shoot but you shook your head. “I know you heard the police sirens outside. Even if you manage to kill her and me you'll run out of bullets to kill the cops outside.”

 Seo Joon was motioning you that boss was coming up the stairs and I needed to hurry.

“I know he sent you away for a long time, but killing his daughter won't solve anything. You can still do the right thing.”

He sighed and let her go. She ran to Seo Joon and I jumped and tackled this guy. I punched him once in the jaw and then shifted his arm to the back of him till one of the officers could get him in cuffs.

“That's for giving me bruises buddy.” You said as he cried. Boss came and got his daughter and they took this guy outside.

 One of the officers carried you to the ambulance to get checked.

“Miss. Moon are you okay?” Boss asked as the police put the guy in the car.

“I'm fine sir nothing more than a couple of bruises. I'm just happy your daughter's safe.” You looked over at her and his wife.

“How'd you know he'd be here to kill my daughter?” He asked as an ambulance driver checked you out.

“Hyunsik's the one who helped cracked the code in his signatures. My team is who you need to thank.” Seo Joon and Hyungsik broke through the people  to talk to you.

“Moon are you ok?” Seo Joon asked.

“She's fine thanks to her team. You all did a great job. Tomorrow if you wish you may take the day off.” Boss praised us.

“No sir.” The guys looked at you like you were crazy. “Our job isn't done yet. We’ll make sure these guys are safe.”

“Yeah.” Seo Joon said placing arm around your shoulder. “We’ll finish this job.”

“Yeah!” Hyungsik said making us laugh.

 The next morning your body was sore due to the asshole from last night. You had visible bruises but your stylist insisted on keeping up with the dress theme of “Stylist Moon’s” wardrobe.  

 You walked into the stylist room and the guys were there. You moved to your station and started getting ready and putting stuff away. Once done your legs started to hurt so you sat in Kookies chair. Once you sat down the guy walked up to you looking really concerned.

“...what happened Moon?” Jungkook asked looking at your legs and arms.

“How did you get those?...Are you okay? Do they hurt?” Taehyung asked pulling up his chair the was at his station.

“A little, but I'm okay.” You said nervous.

“You should be more careful did do these on your own, right?” Yoongi asked slightly touching your leg making you twitch.

“How did those bruises appear all of a sudden?...did someone touch you?” Jimin asked.

“No no no, I just fell down the stairs guys.” They looked at you with way more concern. “It uh was really late last night and I couldn't sleep. So I went to get some water but missed a step and fell.”

“Man Moon.” Jin gave you water. “You should be more careful.”

“Yeah did you get them looked at?” Hoseok asked. Well yeah a paramedic after I almost got shot.

“Yes. They said they'll go away in a few days.” You said and they just nodded.

 You decided to go and get some air. You walked out back and stood in the parking lot. You hadn't eaten dinner last night and skipped breakfast you hadn't drank anything either. You were stood there when someone came behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder. Before looking, you flipped them over you and slammed them to the ground.

“Oh my god Kookie!” You looked at him hissing on the floor. “Jungkook I'm so sorry you scared me!”

“Woah! I knew you worked out but ah” he rubbed his side. “I didn't think you'd practice in self defence.”

“Oh uh well” shit you need think something. “I uh my bodyguards thought it'd be good just in case I was without them. You know?”

“Haha well they certainly paid off.” He said and stood up. “I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” He looked at you but you were still paranoid after you flipped him. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Are you? Kookie I really didn't mean to flip you.” He placed his hands on your shoulders.

“Seriously Moon I'm a big boy. I can handle a little flip.” He smiled. “Come on we're getting ready for an interview.”

 You nodded and he took you by the hand and walked back to the room. I felt so bad for flipping him I needed to make it up to him somehow. I should've been more aware of who I was flipping.

“Kookie listen I'm really sorry.” You said helping him take off his shirt. When you flipped him you ripped his shirt. “Woah.”

“Haha you wanna touch them?” His smile was sinful. His abs were, his body is so fit. Seo Joon and Hyungsik have sexy bodies but...never asked me if I want to touch them. Not to mention the guys were looking at you, and but guys I mean Yoongi.

 You placed your hand on his chest and slowly moved it down to his abs and he let out the most SINFUL, INAPPROPRIATE MOAN!!!! I immediately moved my hand and gave him his shirt. Yoongi glared at Jungkook and looked like he was going to kill him, I know how I'll make it up to Jungkook, I'll make sure Yoongi doesn't kill him.

 I told Jungkook I'd be right back and dragged Yoongi out of there to his studio office.  Once in there he slammed ME! Yes ME against the door!

“Why'd you do that?” He looked upset. “You knew I was watching. Is that why you did it?” I wasn't answering him. “Is it because you know I like you?”

 Like me? I mean I knew he but like he didn't I mean he's a Kpop star. He couldn't. But he just said that maybe he omg.

“Do you like me?” I never thought about it. He got me so mad and he annoyed me but he also cared about me and I do like coming to work and seeing him everyday...but once my jobs over I'll need to leave him alone, and he'll need to forget about me. I do like you Yoongi...and I don't know how stop.

“I don't know” yes I do. “Maybe we should talk more…” maybe you should kiss me. “T-that way you can trust me.” Even though almost everything I'll tell you won't matter after I save one of you.

“At breaks sit with me. You don't know how bad I need to know you.” He leaned closer and kissed my cheek, his lips were so soft dear lord.

 The whole time I had or they had a break Yoongi and I would talk. Jungkook and I would just talk while I did his makeup and stuff. Around 8:00 pm  was when all the stylists and security left. Bangtang said they'd be there late so Seo Joon, Hyungsik and I could go work out.

 Once there I removed my makeup, changed to my workout uniform and messed around with the guys. You were still sore from yesterday and decided you’d get your bag and leave a little early. You walked to the main entrance and your heart dropped.


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