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Mi-Nah ran into the house and straight up to her room. She didn't want to face her father after what she saw. Laying face down Mi-Nah tried and failed not to cry into her pillow. Her first date was ruined and now Aaron would never speak to her again. Why couldn't she just have one date. Just one! It's not like she was asking for much. Now everything was ruined and her dad was so scary! She had never seen him like that. It honestly scared her. His eyes seemed to almost glow and she was sure her dad was going to tear Aaron limb from limb.
Luhan, Tao and Kris all sat down stairs. Kris in the over stuffed chair and Luhan and Tao on the couch. Luhan's eyes where wide when he found out what happened. He couldn't believe it. They had been so careful! Even their tempers where kept in check.
"You let her see your Alpha aura?!" Luhan asked wide eyed and disbelief. Kris sighed rubbing his hands over his face. He groaned. "I know!"
"Damn dad." Luhan shook his head. "I know. I'm not sure if I should go talk go her or, leave her be." Luhan peeked into his sisters mind. "Let us talk to her first. I'll let you know when it's all clear." Kris just hummed. He felt awful! Mi-Nah was his little girl! He was a firm father but never mean. He rarely even raised his voice to his children. Usually one look and tone was all it took. Kris grunted as he forced tears back. He went to finish packing to distract himself.
"Knock, knock" Luhan said as he slowly opened Mi-Nah's bedroom door. Mi-Nah didn't glance up. She was still pouting. Luhan and Tao paid no attention and sat on either side of her bed. "Go away." Mi-Nah's muffled came through her pillow as she sniffled.
"Tao told me what happened." Luhan lied. Mi-Nah responded by hugging her pillow tighter. 
"You know dad didn't mean to scare you." Tao gently patted her head. 
"Mèimei." Luhan gently shook her. A muffled 'hmph!' was heard as she tried to move away from her brothers hand. Tao and Luhan shared a look. Luhan flipped Mi-Nah over while Tao ripped the pillow from her grip. 
"Noo!" Mi-Nah whined reaching for the pillow. "Give it back!" She pouted. Mi-Nah tried to reach for it but Luhan's grip was too strong. 
"Why are you crying?" Tao asked. Both boys knew the answer but they didn't want her to know that. 
"Dad ruined my date." Mi-Nah crossing her arms she leaned back against Luhan. 
"I heard he tried to give you moldy food."  Mi-Nah could practically see the disgust on Luhan's face. 
"Mèimei why would you want to date someone like that?" Tao asked looking grossed out as well. "You could of gotten seriously sick. Dad would have had to take you to the hospital!" 
"He didn't mean to!" Mi-Nah tried to defend. Luhan scoffed. "Of course not." 
"It's true! He felt bad!"  Mi-Nah twisted in her brothers arms to look at him. 
"Mi-Nah anyone would of known it was moldy. It's so obvious." 
"What about the amount of times that Dad's been tired? Hmm?" Mi-Nah pressed. "Do you even know how many times I've stopped him from eating bad food!?" 
"That's different Mèimei!" Tao spoke with a slight sigh.  "Aaron didn't even bother to check and see first. It's like dating 101. Make sure you smell good and clothes don't stink, then looks,"  Both Mi-Nah and Luhan shared a look before rolling their eyes. Tao spent the most time in the bathroom. Which was saying something because Mi-Nah took her time in the bathroom. "Than preparing food. Either it's everything fresh from the market, or you have enough money to go out. You don't allow pack moldy food!" 
"He's got good point." Luhan mummers. 
"Okay so he messed up! He's the only guy that's had the guts to ask me out!" 
"He won't be the last though." Tao tried to reassure her. "Course, the others will have to go through the three of us." 
Luhan scoffed, "As if they could make it past us. No one is good enough for our Mèimei." 
"That's right." Tao agreed ruffling her hair. Mi-Nah couldn't help but smile and blush slightly. Even if she was still annoyed. She liked knowing she could rely on them. 
"Now for the real talk." Luhan sat Mi-Nah up. She avoided her brothers steady gaze. She knew it was coming. 
"I don't want to talk about." she mumbled playing with her hands. 
"We're gunna!" Tao spoke firmly. "You know sneaking out was wrong." 
"You could of been hurt. Or taken advantage of." 
"Or kidnapped." 
"Held hostage." 
"Alright already!" Minah spoke loudly. She sighed, "It's just, I've never seen daddy so upset. It really scared me." 
"You know his anger was directed at Aaron and not you right? Well the scary part." Tao informed her. 
"But he just looked so, so, different." She spoke trying to put what she saw into words. It wasn't easy. "It's the first time i've ever been scared of him." 
"Dad feels horrible about making you scared. You should go talk to him." Luhan encouraged. 
"No way!" 
"Yes way!" 
"No Way!" 
"Yes Way!" 
Luhan gave Tao a look. ' Tao, open the door then grab her legs.' Tao nodded and opened the door. Mi-Nah thought he was leaving but boy was she wrong. Luhan stood and wrapped his arms around her middle while Tao grabbed her legs. 
"What!?!" Mi-Nah shrieked trying to wiggle out of their grasp. "Aww come on Luhan Gē, Tao Gē! This isn't fair!" She tried to kick but Tao had a good grasp on her legs. Knowing it was useless Mi-Nah gave up and allowed herself to be carried. Once outside the office Tao placed Mi-Nah's legs on the floor. Tao opened the door while Luhan pushed her in. He quickly shut the door behind her. 
Kris looked up from a photo of him and Mi-Nah's mom while she was pregnant. He had forgotten about this photo. Mi-Nah looked just like her mom except younger. He had heard the commotion  outside but didn't stop the boys. Mi-Nah wouldn't make eye contact. She looked anywhere but him. 
"Come here." He finally spoke. Mi-Nah shook her head refusing to move. What she saw really scared her. 
"Do you have anything to say for your actions?" Kris's tone was firmer than he intended. Mi-Nah didn't look up but continued to stare at her feet. "You deliberately disobeyed my rules. No lying, no sneaking out. No. Boyfriends! That means no dates Mi-Nah!"  
"Duìbùqǐ bàba" She mumbled. Kris knew it was only half hearted but he'd let it slide this time. Only because he had scared her so bad. She was probably scarred for life now. 
"Come here." Kris spoke gentler this time. Mi-Nah shuffled over to her father. Once close enough Kris pulled her onto his lap for a hug. Mi-Nah was a bit stiff. 
"Bàba is sorry for scaring you." 
"You really did." Mi-Nah mumbled leaning into him more. 
"I was just so angry that a boy," He forced himself not to growl. "Took such care poor of my princess." 
"It wasn't on purpose!" 
"I don't care! He should of tried harder!" 
"He's the one who actually tried to. Everyone else doesn't seem interested in me."  Mi-Nah pouted. 
"That's because Bàba told your brothers to scare them off." 
"Any boy that came near you, they spoke to. That's why the boys leave you alone." 
"Are you Kidding me?!" Mi-Nah pulled away to better see her dad. "Is that why Tao and Luhan got into so many fights and the reason they didn't get punished for it?" 
"Yup." Kris smiled proudly. "Such good sons looking after their baby sister." 
"NOT COOL DAD!!" Mi-Nah shouted. "I thought I was never smart, or pretty, or skinny enough. Do you have any clue what that does to a girls mindset?!"  
Kris had the decency to look a little guilty. "I'm sorry baby. Daddy was just trying to protect you." 
"By making me feel unwanted." She pouted. 
"Not on purpose. There are too many bad guys out their. Real jerks who could and would hurt you." 
"I know! But you let Tao and Luhan do whatever they want! I keep my grades, I listen the majority of the time and I'm constantly stuck home! It's not fair! They get to do everything and I get to do nothing!" 
Kris sighed and rubbed his eyes. "We'll talk about it later alright." 
"Fine." Mi-Nah pouted. 
"Good. So now for your punishment." Kris spoke. Mi-Nah's mouth fell open in surprise. "Don't think your getting away with sneaking out young lady! So go bring me your electronic devices." 
Mi-Nah stomped off and did as her father asked. 
"Good. You won't be getting these back until after we move." He held up a hand as Mi-Nah was about to protest. 
"Now, I'll make it so you can still go and see your friends but only because we're moving. Otherwise that wouldn't be happening either. Not to mentioned your going to wash the car by hand and pull the weeds and clean your room, the bathroom and my office once everything is cleared out." 
"Bàba!" Mi-Nah whined. 
"Be grateful I'm not making you clean the entire house. You can start on the list tomorrow."