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Junmyeon had called her earlier on to let her know he wasn't going to make it for their nightly outing and asked what her plans were.

“Agh, Junmyeon, you made my night life seem boring now!” She laughed, “Probably just eat in and watch some dramas.”

“Okay. Well maybe we can meet up for lunch tomorrow. They want us to practice hard for the upcoming tour. There is a lot that needs to be done, so I may not be able to see you at all for a while.” He sounded upset.

She told him, “It's okay. Work comes first. Lunch sound good.”

“Cool. I'll see you tomorrow then. Good night.”

She smiled into the phone, “Good night, Myeon-ah.”

She was going to order in but thought going out for a walk would be better. The place she usually orders from was just down the street. She got her coat and shoes on and made her way down.

She didn't like being alone, thoughts crept in that she didn't want to think about. That face. So gorgeous. “Like pale moonlight” she caught herself saying out loud, even brushing her fingers up her own cheek. She knocked her palm against her head, trying to make it stop. She forced herself to think of other things. Her work, new techniques she learned, her schedule, her upcoming vacation trip.

Where was she going, how far away was she planning to go, would Nari be able to come along. Then she started imagining being on a sunny beach with cool breezes, soaking up the sun, and then he popped in, offering to put sun lotion on her back. His pale hands working the lotion into her skin. His hands touching her, massaging her from head to toe….

She screamed.

“Stop it!”

She ordered her food. As soon as it was done, she walked home quickly. She kept her thoughts cycling on three things; food, a hot shower and bed.

She got home. Just as she got to the building, she got a feeling so she stopped, looked back and seen someone duck out of sight. She stared at the spot she saw it happen before she went in.

After she got settled in and her food spread out in front of her like a mini banquet, she dug in.

She got a text from Junmyeon.

Are you home?

“I am. Why?” She asked.

Have you been out?

“Just to get food, why?” She replied.

There was a long pause, then he finally sent a text.

You didn't run into anyone, did you?

She looked to the window, thinking of what she saw, “No. No one…. WHY?”

It's nothing! Just curious. Thought maybe you would have gone out to meet with other friends. That was all, good night

She looked at her phone suspiciously, “Okay. Good night.” She text back.

She got up and went to the window. Looking down at the street, she wondered if he knew something was up. Obviously he did or he wouldn't have sent a text. She watched down below for a while. Who ever that was, was gone. But she couldn't help but wonder why they would be following her especially if Junmyeon wasn't even around.


Who's this mysterious person that following her?
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But isn't he supposed to be in practice???
Baby maknea is infatuated