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Some 19+ Sexual Content

Oh SeHun.

In his dream he was enjoying himself immensely, letting the fans fondle him, letting their hands run all over him, through his hair, rubbing his thighs, his abs, touching everything, everywhere. He was in his own little heaven. Every now and then, a girl would crawl up his legs, wrapping their lips around him and giving him pleasure. He would moan loudly in his dream, unknowingly moaning in his sleep. He looked up thankful to the girl giving him the bj, when off in the distance, he seen a figure of a woman standing in the dark. His moaning had caught her attention. She turned around, looking at him curiously. As she walked over to him, little by little his fans disappeared. He swallowed hard before asking who she was but she didn't answer. Her eyes were wide as she stood over him, gazing down at him in amazement.

“You're so beautiful… who are you?” he asked again. He put his hand out to her, wanting to take her since the fans disappeared.

She came close. Her hand reaching out to touch his cheek. He waited to feel her fingers against his skin. Out of the darkness behind her, he heard a rumbling, like thunder then she was swept away by a flood of water. He tried to grab her but the water was too swift snatching her away. She just smiled at him as she was carried away back out into the dark.

He opened his eyes to the morning sun. His arms and legs were spread out over his bed and the front of his boxers were wet. He just laid there.

“Go clean yourself up.” He heard his hyung say from across the room.

SeHun blinked at the ceiling, recollecting that woman's face. Her skin so smooth, it reminded him of Kai's skin during the summer. How he tanned so beautifully to a bronze god.

“Hyung, I saw the most beautiful woman in my dream.” He said finally rolling off his bed. He looked down at his boxers.

Junmyeon snickered, “Stop watching porn before you go to bed and you won't be waking up like that.” he teased before running out the door for the day.

SeHun made an ‘I know-I know' face. He went to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. While he was in there, his dream came back, his little fan girls doing all the naughty things they message him about. He could feel himself coming to attention again. He grabbed himself and slowly started stroking. He leaned against the wall on his other arm under the shower head, letting the water run down his back.

His imagination ran away, he felt a fingertip trace down the middle of his back. He turned around and found her standing there, looking down at his hard member, licking her lips. Then she would say to him, “Do you need help with that?” He imagined her taking him into her hands, working them back and forth, up and down, he moaned out yes over and over, he fell forward against the wall, his fingers scratching the surface as he came. He slid down the shower wall exhausted and spent but he smiled thinking how good that felt.

“Who is that woman?” He asked.

He got dressed and went down for breakfast. A couple of his hyungs were sitting down, yawning, bright eyed and bushy. He looked at JongIn for a long time while he was eating his cereal. Kyungsoo glared at him.

“What are you looking at?” Kyungsoo finally asked annoyed, he looked at JongIn then back to Sehun. JongIn wasn't paying any attention, “Why are you looking at him like that?”

SeHun glanced at Kyungsoo for a second, before putting his head down, “I had a dream, there was this woman. She kinda reminded me of Kai hyung when he's up on stage dancing but not right now. He looks too ugly in the morning.” he smirked.

Kyungsoo threw an egg roll at SeHun. “Don't be saying mean things.”

SeHun picked the egg roll up and ate it. JongIn finally looked up. “Who you calling ugly, ugly?” And threw another egg roll at him. SeHun picked that one up too and ate it.

“Where did Junmyeon go? I thought he had come down for breakfast.” SeHun asked finishing his cereal.

“He left. He had photoshoots to do for that play. What about you, do have to go back?” JongIn asked in-between bites.

“No. I'm done too. Aish... I haven't seen hyung for a while. I wanted us to hang out this afternoon. I should give him a call.” he pulled his phone out and called but there was no answer. “He must be busy already.”

He sat at the table looking through his phone at his selfies in China. He came across a pic he took with a girl he had met. He wondered if he should give her call. She seemed really interested in him. They had spent a couple days together, she showed him around Beijing to places he had never visited before. He liked her. It had been a while since he “dated” anyone.

He called her.

He talked about their time together, how much fun he had with her and wanted to meet up with her when he returns to Beijing. She laughed and giggled, he thought that was cute. She was his ideal type, that innocence blended with physical sexiness. She had white skin and long black hair, it turned him on thinking of what he could do to her or what she could do to him. Just then, that woman's face popped into his head. He realized the woman in his dream had green eyes, her hair was black, her lips were perfect when she smiled.

He came back to reality when his phone started beeping loudly in his ear. She had hung up on him when he stopped talking. He wrinkled his nose, “Wench”

He tried to call Junmyeon again. This he time his hyung answered but he answered in a sour mood.

“What do you want SeHun?” He said harshly, “Make it quick, I'm busy.”

“Hyung you sound angry, I'll just talk to you when you come home.” He hung up.

He stared at JongIn until JongIn finally acknowledged him. “What?” he asked not looking up from the newspaper.

“Let's go somewhere. I want to go out, come with me, please?” SeHun put his hands together and begged, giving him big puppy eyes. JongIn looked up at him and laughed.

“Where do you want to go?” JongIn asked

“I don't know, anywhere. I don't feel like sitting around the dorm today. We're going to be practicing for the next two weeks. Today may be the last day to enjoy ourselves before we go back to work.”

JongIn nodded, “That's true…” he looked back at Kyungsoo, “Do you want to come? Get out for a while?” Kyungsoo shook his head, saying he had things to get done.

JongIn got ready and they left.

They were walking through a park, when JongIn saw some dogs playing, he immediately said they should've gotten their babies. SeHun agreed. They went back to his car and headed to JongIn's parents house first. They picked up his babies and then headed to SeHun's parents and grabbed his precious little one. The dogs sat in the back, with their heads out the window.

They were on their way to the dog park not too far from the company building, when they passed Junmyeon.

“It's hyung!” SeHun honked as they passed by each other but Junmyeon didn't look, he looked upset. So SeHun turned around.

“Where you going?” JongIn asked, “Shouldn't bother him when he's in a bad mood. He looked pretty upset this morning.”

“That's what worries me. I don't understand why and I want to know what's making him that way.” SeHun said, sounding determined.

“SeHun-ah, let's not. Just give him space.”

But SeHun didn't listen, he rarely does. He followed Junmyeon through the streets. They followed him across the bridge. Junmyeon pulled up a street and slowed down, then he sped up and made a u-turn, parking along the other side of the street. SeHun went to the corner and turned around and parked there. They watched Junmyeon get out of his car and jump in front of a woman talking on her phone. She looked up surprised at Junmyeon.

SeHun's mouth dropped. His heart pounded. He pulled around the corner to get a closer look. He stopped on the street, in the middle of traffic watching Junmyeon talking to that woman and then pull her into his arms.

“Who is that?” JongIn asked curiously, when he saw their hyung hugging her, “oooh, that's why he's upset. Girlfriend problems… Waaaah, she's pretty.” He blinked endlessly, his little mouth dropping open into an O. He looked back to check on the babies, he noticed the two cars behind them with one flashing their lights, “Hey, let's go. That's his business.”

SeHun couldn't stop staring. It was her.

JongIn slapped his leg, SeHun took off quickly like a horse that got slapped on the ass, making Jongin bump his head on the headrest.

“Hey! Take it easy!”

SeHun drove away fast. This was no dream, she was real. And she’s with his brother.

It killed him. When they got back to the dorm, all he could do was walk up to his room and lie on his bed. His precious baby had followed him, laying himself across Sehuns belly, letting him pet.

“What am I going to do, Vi?” He said running his hands over and over on his soft coat. “Huh? She belongs to hyung, that means she's off limits. Unless hyung wants to share her…. Do you think he does, do think hyung is willing to share.” He picked up his precious baby and kissed the top of his head. The little dog barked. Sehun grinned unhappily, “I don't think he will, either.”


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