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Wassup guys!!!!!!! Happy 3rd Quarter!!!!!!! I know Vingle has some changes coming up so I look forward to continue to being your mod leader!!! So we have two special birthdays today!!!!! (in the states at least!!!!) It's my girl @Karinacorn81 birthday and it's also our angel leader Leeteuk's Birthday!!!! I did a little something special for yesterday and today's, so I hope you all enjoy!!!!!!!!!

"Come on Mandy, all the guys are waiting for us and reservations are at 8pm," Kim said. You were waiting on your best friend as she was trying to find the right purse to match her outfit. "Besides, Leetuek will love whatever you have anyways" "I know, but it's his birthday and he just got back from Switzerland and with all that happened there, I just want him to have a good night," said Mandy. "He will when he sees you. What about that white purse he bought you last year?" Kim suggested. "Oohh, good idea! Let me just grab his present!" You handed her the purse and rushed her out the door as Mandy puts his gift inside the purse.

You both arrived at the restaurant and immediately went to your boyfriends. "Sorry we're late, we had a purse issue," you said while giving Donghae a kiss on the cheek. "Hey it wasn't all me!! You was fighting with your hair for an hour," Mandy retorted back. Both guys shook their heads in laughter as Leetuek opened the door for everyone. "You look beautiful by the way Mands," Leetuek said as he walked behind her.

Dinner went well as everyone catches up with each other. Kim had an excited look on her face when the waiter brought out the dessert menu. "Calm down little one, we'll get some chocolate cake," Donghae said as he rubbed your belly. "Nope, the sherbet looks appealing. You know chocolate and the baby don't mix," Kim said while pouting. "It's OK Kim, 6 more months and you both can have all the chocolate you want," said Leetuek. "Speaking of kids, when are you gonna make me an uncle," asked Donghae. "Whenever me and Mandy are ready, I don't want to be away when she's pregnant. I want to be there for every second," said Leetuek. Mandy gave Leetuek a heartwarming smile and patted her purse. Kim nodded her head as to say you didn't have anything to worry about.

"Since it's your birthday honey, I thought it would be good to give you one of your many gifts. I hope you enjoy," Mandy said as she gave him a small rectangle box. Leetuek looked suprised, but started opening the box. Inside was a positive pregnancy test and a sonogram picture. Leetuek looked at Mandy, who had tears streaming down her cheeks, shocked and asked, "We are?" Mandy shook her head yes. He then got up and hugged her, the got down on one knee. "You just made me the happiest man in the world, now can I make you the happiest woman and ask you for your hand in marriage. Mandy was so stunned that all she could do was shake her head yes. Leetuek then pulled out a small box with a beautiful engagement ring and placed it on her finger. Kim and Donghae both smiled at the happy couple. "Now our babies can be playmates," Kim said excitedly. Mandy look at her fiance and whispered, "Happy Birthday dear."


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waaaa!!! awwww I love this! *squeals and runs around Muppet flailing*
I'm glad you enjoyed!!!!