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Quick update:

As of recent Q3 has started, but there have been no appointed mods. After talking it over, my team and i would like to continue as not as BANGTAN'S ARMY MOD SQUAD but as BANGTAN'S ARMY TEAM, and continue bringing you all weekly themes, news and BTS goodness to promote the continuous growth and active participation in the BTS community until further notice from Vingle! ♡

What to expect:

- Each member solo card through out the week as we have been doing
-Weekly themes
- Bangtan's Army Weekly Updates (news, themes.. etc.)


Our Q2 taglist will be renamed to BANGTAN'S ARMY Taglist. We will continue bringing you all the BEST BTS content we can ! Lets fangirl/fanboy together !!

*If you would like to be tagged of untagged let us know in the comments!*

☆PolarStarr Taglist☆

Bangtan's ARMY Team Taglist:

Bangtan's ARMY Taglist:

You know I want to stay on the tag list 😊
Haha yay!! Thanks Mel ♡♡
tag me
Of course!!! Welcome to our tag family!! ♡♡
tag me!!! i dont know whats up with the mod thing but tbh the mod is just a name haha other than being able to take cards out of the community, we're no different from anyone else so i dont think its a huge deal ;) thank you for continuing your posts <33
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Oh and thanks ! ♡♡
Could you add me? 😁
Yes !! Welcome to our tag family!! 😊😊😄
I'd like to be added to the tag list please? :)
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Thanks. :)