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1. Video showcasing your favorite BEAST song. Can be an MV, lyric video, audio only video, fan made video, etc... in the event there is no video for your favorite song, please include a link to where the audio is available to listen.

I really truly had the hardest time with this, I love so many of their songs it's hard to choose one favorite. I went with Shadow because I love the M/V as well as the song itself.
2. Video or gif(s) of Dojoon dancing. You can show us his goofy dancing or performance choreography. The choice is yours.

3. Video, gifs or photos of BEAST fan service. This must include ALL six members of BEAST either in separate instances or all together.

4. Video or gifs of Hyunseung being EXTRA.

Sooo yeah, I totally had these saved in my phone waiting for the right moment to use them lol. My baby is special.

5. Video, gifs or photos of BEAST interacting with other idols.
6. Video or gif(s) of an embarrassed Junhyung.
7. Photo, video, or gif of something BEAST is known for (open for interpretation).

Again another tough one for me but I love seeing their random silliness so I went with that.
8. Video or gifs of Yoseob's aegyo
9. Photos of your favorite BEAST concept.

Yet another tough one... So I decided on Shadow. I swear I am such trash for these boys, I've yet to come across a concept of theirs that I don't like.
10. Video or gifs of Kikwang performing as AJ.

11. Video of your favorite live BEAST performance.

Fiction, all I'll say is I probably watch this video more than I should lol.
12. Two instances of Dongwoon proving he's the maknae. Can be video, photo, or gifs.

****BONUS**** ****BONUS****
13. Video, photo, or gifs of BEAST interacting with BTOB.
There you have it, my scavenger hunt finds. I hope you enjoyed it, sorry if it's a little long (I tend to get pic/gif happy).

*All credit to original owners/creators*
Great Job!
Wow! great job!
Thank you @EvilGenius!!!! This is a fabulous card. #10 however is missing media. Can you please fix that for me so I can enter you?
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Thank you!
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