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What Kpop Song is NOT a Good Intro to Kpop?
I saw this discussion on another site and I really wanted to hear what you were thinking!

We've talked before about songs that are great to show to your friends to introduce to Kpop, but what about the opposite?

What song do you think is a little too wild or different for fresh ears? As Kpop veterans, we're used to different sounds and beats that new people might be turned off by.

So, what songs do you think aren't the best for introducing a friend to this crazy world?!

Here are some of mine:
Doom Dada - Don't get me wrong, this song is great! But I think for fans who aren't used to TOP's voice and style, they might be a little bored or confused where people like us are excited and pumped!
Rookie - You guys know I love these girls more than anything, but this song honestly took me a couple of listens to get into, I can't imagine what it would be like for a brand-new kpop listener! It's catchy but maybe a little too odd ;)
Mazeltov - I still can't believe that this is a real song to be honest haha! The horrible English would make new listeners think that kpop is a little silly I think :/ Maybe I'd show newer ZEA stuff, but defintiely not this song!

What songs can you think of that might be a little too new for first time Kpop listeners?

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I like all of NCT 127's songs except Cherry Bomb and NCT U's the 7th sense...
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LOL we must be very different
3 months ago
orange caramel - catallena - it is a very strange song that not many nonkpoppers can get into
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Firetruck by NCT or VAV'S earlier songs. I hated Firetruck at first, but it soon grew on my and now I jam to it. And VAV'S earlier songs are a no because their vocal coach was just horrible 馃槶馃槶馃槶 they had so much potential, and I'm so much happier they're showing it now
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ring ding dong
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What is funny about that is Ring Ding Dong is the only Kpop song that my siblings like.
2 months ago
okay but ring ding dong is not ideal to show to a new kpopper.
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