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Ugly Duck- Prince Adam
-If you don't remember this handsome fellow it's probably because he was a beast for the majority of the movie.
-The studio had actually created a name for the beast, Prince Adam and I believe in the end credits they even label his name as Adam.
-Duckie gets Beast because deep down Beast had a beautiful heart. He was a bit awkward when he was trying to love Belle but he tried his best and that's what made him adorable.
-I think Ju Kyung is the type to try his best to impress his girl but just sometimes comes off as goofy and dorky. This would work like a charm on me.
Loco- Prince Eric
-Falling in love with the woman that saved his life and had a beautiful voice despite the fact that she had a tail, Prince Eric has always been my Disney crush considering Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney Princess movie.
-Loco gets Eric because Loco seems to have that good natured honesty to him that Eric does.
-Eric also seems innocent but let's not forget the fact that he can fight (or is it fence?) either way I think loco would stop being so innocent the moment his woman is in trouble.
Gray- Prince Charming (Henry / Alto)
-So there's a little mystery to Charming's real name. When the Blu-ray was released, on a French show they said his name was Henry but in 1971 during a Disney parade they said his name was Alto August Ferdinand. I don't know which is which and honestly, I don't care.
-If Gray asked you to dance with him would you not?
-Gray, I can just see finding a girl that captures all his attention and just getting lost in her long past midnight.
-And if he had to leave you by the end of the night I think he'd make sure it's damn more than a shoe that leads him back to you.
Jay Park- Prince Philip
-Philip sang and danced "once upon a dream" when he (re) met Aurora.
-Jay is just the right amount of show off to do the same thing.
-Aside from that, Jay's loyal enough to fight a dragon to save you from a sleep like death.
-No way is he going to lose his baby girl for 100 years and a day. He needs someone who will let him come out the cut to sing and dance with lol.
Elo- Prince Florian
-He was another prince with no "official" name stated in the movie. However, some of the people that worked on the animation for the film called him Prince Florian.
-Apparently he was hard for the crew to put in the movie because it was the first time that they were using a realistic male character, it's the reason he didn't show up in the movie as much. They faced the same problem with Cinderella but they got by a bit more with her.
-This all comes down to Elo's charm: the voice.
-The Prince heard Snow White singing but he startled her, I think Elo would do the same but I think he'd sing to her as well. A sort of, "you showed me yours it's only fair I show you mine" kind of thing.
-Don't tell me you wouldn't fall in love with a voice like his too.
Cha Cha Malone- Naveen
-I had a huge crush on Prince Naveen when I first saw him. Full Disclosure it has nothing to do with the fact that Naveen is a POC that he gets Cha Cha.
-Naveen at times seemed a little selfish in the movie but he had such a sweet heart.
-Naveen I think was the only prince in a Disney movie that had musical skill, he played the guitar (or was it the ukulele, can't remember)
-Despite the selfish traits, Chase and Naveen I think share good hearts and they like to have fun.
-I can see Chase being a bit of a ladies man but also finding love in a woman far greater than he's ever known.
-Chase would be the one to give up his riches to live as a frog in the swamp with you lol. Now that's true love.
Now who is Kiseok?
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I dk.. to me I think I'd switch Jay and Cha Cha. but asides from that opinion I like this POV
Had to go back and see who Jay was lol. I can agree though they'd work in the reverse too.
wait did you just insult Chacha? he not stuck up xD
lmfao no I said despite the selfish traits but I can see how it sounds like I called him that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yassss, i loved this!!!!!
yayyyyyyyyyy πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„β€