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6] Wonny Does Love Tanny http://www.imideo.com/image/e5744eb9b750732cc2a2e055ec0e76f3/144508 http://www.imideo.com/image/4ddb781eaf587a7e4e956e8ae1db33e1/144509 From his actions, many viewers felt like Won hated Tan and wanted him far away so he doesn’t take his inheritance. Well, this may be partially true, but not entirely. I have always had a hunch that Wonny loved his little bro and only pushed him away out of love. I think I just got my confirmation from episode 12. After Hyun Joo leaves the Kim residence she sits at the bus stop when Tan walks over and sits next to her. He tells her that his brother isn’t coming, but she says she isn’t waiting (This can have a double meaning). He asks how she knew him and he wonders if Won ever talked about him. Hyun Joo says yes adding that Won said that his brother was warm, had gotten taller, and had eyes like him. Awww! Tan is speechless and so are the rest of us. That shows how much Won has confided in Hyun Joo. Now let’s just hope after finding out what his dad is up to that he chooses her over his job. Ya’know since Yoon even told him that it’s a choice and Hyun Joo isn’t going to wait forever- he really said do you guys think we’ll wait- pointing to the fact that that’s the reason for his and Esther’s split. Which can also explain why she still has feelings for him. 7] BONUS: Young Do+Bo Na+Myung Soo=BFFL http://www.imideo.com/image/bd1024046eafedddedd648c1506c5d04/144511 http://www.imideo.com/image/b45d7f83813c3682cc348308ec9b7fb9/144512 This isn’t heart wrenching, but I just love their friendship. As I said last week, Bo Na and Myung Soo are the only ones who can speak to Young Do however they want and he won’t even bat an eye. They have a good friendship and it’s great to see. Last Week I asked you: How soon do you think Wonny will step up and choose Hyun Joo over his work? The best answer came from jollibee: “the only way Wonny will run back to her is if Tanny shows him what he can do for a girl…in short I don’t see this happening anytime soon, maybe 2-4 more episodes or so for predictability’s sake at the end or near end of the series” This Week’s Question Is: Since we’re getting more into his background and witnessed that scene with this mother, what do you think Hyo Shin is planning?
it was such a sweet scene when Tan finds out that Wonny cares! It was a very important thing for Tan... one that will give him strengh... seeing as he seeks more aproval from his brother than father! ;)
오빠 최진혁 :'(
lucky for kim tan who realise that his bro does care for him, with the help from won's gal. Just mention the gal, won soften up with his bro. well, that brotherly concern