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Love continues to be the moment, Guys! The gist: It sounds like Young Do is warning Rachel not to reveal Tan’s secret. Tan has left home, Tan’s dad wants to send Eun Sang abroad and in the final scene, Eun Sang wishes Tan has a good dream and he says he already is because she’s with him. Can we say “Aww?” R: What are you planning to do? Y: I'm going to close your mouth. Y: This isn't a request, it's a warning. Tan: Who were you with at night? You were caught by me again. ES: You're quite a dreamer. Y: Is [she] friends with you? Tan: We're lovers. Tan's dad: Was it Cha Eun Sang? Prepare her to send her abroad. ES: What are you going to do now? Tan: I'll study hard and succeed. ES: Go on KPOP star instead! Tan: No no, I can't sing. KA: Where is Tan? Did he come to see you? He came, right? Tan: I came, why! KA: Let's go home. Tan: I'm not going. KA: Are you planning to live with her or what! ES: Dream a good dream. Tan: I already am. You're there.
awwe the last part so sweet cant wait for it
awwwwww my heart is out <3
cant wait.....every episode excites me.....
aww~ so sweet :'')