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Que tal peeps!

I will have a mini line up. As I said before I have no idea what Vingle has planned for us, so this will be a mini line up and subject to change.


I will hold monthly free giveaways. This will be open to only those who follow the directions of the giveaway and those who follow the basic rules for all giveaways.

1. Be on AMS taglist
2. Follow AMS Collection

Biweekly Introduction cards of random Asian Male Stars.

If you have any requests you can comment names below.

Jimin July

This month I will dedicate to Park Jimin from BTS. Last month was Namjoon...Namjune event. July is full of fireworks and heat...the basic description of Jimin soooo yeah lol!

Pick AMS Taglist Names

I figured it would be cool to let yall vote for what you all want to be called. I have some choices. You cam vote only once and comment the number of your choice. Voting will close this Friday.

1. Supernovas
The men we support as stars so has supports we are stars too.

2. Unicorns
Did some research and found that unicorns form came up in myths from Asia! These creatures represent overcoming challeneges and making dreams become real. All the things our AMS had to do!

3. AMS Trash
We if you are loco over Asian Male Stars you are officially AMS Trash lol!

One Shots Mature Fanfiction

I will create one shots at least once a month. I have so many incomplete stories, so this method should help me end that cycle.

AMS Trash is my choice!
ams trash xD
AMS Trash 😁😁
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