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Things To Know Prior To Reading This Chapter:

- Domestic Abuse
- Use Of Strong Language

-------------------------- Silent Malady -------------------------
-Jiyong- I woke up one day. And the reality of my life had changed. It was like that of magic. People would talk to me, girls would send me love notes, and even the bullying had stopped. I was strange but I found myself being greatful for it. Everything had changed over night, however a new group had found their was into hating me. "So this is why you quit, huh" A boy on crutches taunted. I was taken a back by the sudden question. I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about and that only seemed to piss him off even more. "You quite chasing your dreams of the big league, so you could hang out with Seunghyun and his group!" "No, I've never even talked to them before, I quit sports because I realized it wasn't the balls that I was actually chasing after" My place, it wasn't on the field but Iye. My true place is to be next to you. "YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE!!!" A boy from the group grabbed me by the shirt. "TEACHER!! IT'S YUTA AGAIN!!!" I saw a girl scream and run to the teacher. The boys eyes grew wide and he let go of my shirt, dismissing the rest of the boys. "Seunghyun sends his regards" Seunghyun? I've never really had the chance to talk to him. Even if I did, why would I the guy is an asshole. I'd be free from his group so he sends another after me? Is this was of compensation. What ever it was I tried not to think too much about it. In an instant my world had changed and I think I know who cast the spell. Iye, you've always have been kind to me. An Alice who's cast their spell upon me sending me into a wonderland of sorts. To be next to you, my place is next to you. Before long my mind was cluttered with thoughts of her. She had become my muse, my reason of being. I didn't need, friendship, or love notes from girls...any of it. As long as I had you. Iye by my side.
-Taehee- "CUT THE SHIT!! SEUNGHYUN, HE'S YOUR SON" "That bastard is not my son" She recanted, before I pushed her making her lose balance falling from her place. This lady is really pissing me off. He's shit, she's shit, they must be related. "Who the hell are you anyway" "I'm a detective, where's the boy!?" I trotted threw the trash loitering the floor. This place is a fucking mess I kicked her before pulling her by the hair pinning her to the nearby closets. "Like hell you are you shit and the bastard is not my son. He can't rot in hell for all I care." "Do you have any idea what your son has done"
The more she talks it's seems to only fuel my rage, and I can't help myself from beating her. "NOT MY PROBLEM" "YOU'RE HIS MOTHER!!" "I don't know where the little shit is-" I throw her to the floor disregarding her statement. "Right he's a piece of shit, BECAUSE HIS MOTHER IS SHIT TOO!! Take some responsibility for being his mother, and go kill the mess you've created for the rest of the world." This is useless. I'd find more answer talking to sewage. I spit on the floor kicking a basket leaving her in the trash filled room to rot. Some mother....
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