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Hey to all the Monbebes and future Monbebes, Akira here. I will be helping support mod for Monsta X. I will be posting every Monday about the group as a whole. Monsta X is my ultimate bias group, with Minhyuk being the ultimate bias of them all.

I got into Monsta X as I was discoveing more about kpop and I just instantly fell down the rabbit hole. They are amazing singers and dancers. I love thier music videos, All In was what made my fall complete by the way.

I am also support modding for ACE (Chan), Boyfriend (group), and Wanna One (Daniel and Seungwoo). I will also be posting fanfics I write for different groups, starting with Monsta X so keep an eye out for these as well if you want.

I cannot wait to get to posting more about these amazing boys that are Monsta X.

Also if you want to be tagged in future posts leave a comment letting us know. Thanks. ❤


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