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Trying This Again: Updating Taglists!!!
I need you guys to tell me which lists you want to be tagged in. been needing this for a long time but no one has let me know which lists they wanna be added to. I wanna separate the tags so it's a little easier on me. With the new quarter getting started wanna do some new things as much as can. Here are the names of the lists: Bangtan Babes Starlightz Tinker Bell Squad ALOHA AROHA JULIETS K-Drama Squad BABY Squad SOUTHCLUB Supporters Girl Group Fangirls Other Boy Groups' Fans Tags: @JarviaKlipka @ESwee @KPOPandKimchi @IsoldaPazo @KennaStarz @poojas @KwonOfAKind @SugaKookies @kpopINT @MrsJungHoseok @SokharChea @AaliyahNewbell @Choijiah @GamerKyumin @usagichan20104 @jennissa711 @Ivethcrisoforo @mellyortiz @Namjoonsbutt @Znae @mszmarclyne93 @RTC123 @NykeaKing @XDLP @MiahCisneros @rosajlm2 @amberfoe @hopekookie @faith92 @ArmyofKookie @GriseldaZenger @CrystalBlunt @ZeidaAlvarez @mrsjeon @Isolate @ShaneShore @MelissaGarza @Fangirl @KarenGuerra93 @BangtanBurger @SharnKaur @JiselAmorsMusic @IsabellaCherry @salo @lizbethruiz617 @otakukpoper @twistedPuppy @RochelleRose @luna1171 @imiebegay14 @InfinitySky @DustanCarpenter @cns1391
im down for all
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tag me in all the things always hahaha
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Tag me in all please.
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