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ohhhhh I wish the Drama Gods would hear me and let this couple's romance soar ... ok don't kill me ladieeesss!!
@divalycious hehehe...for he's character in heirs so very nice ...he's woried and concern to eun sang so that he always mad to kim tan...but he miss kim tan ... he always annoying only bcos he does't know why kim tan he born mistress...bcos if he hate kim tan why he keep the secret about kim tan...and for the ep 13...he warn rachel to keep what she know...oohh..
@annbhoi ... i love his character ... right from the very first episode ... he i.e woo bin has been my bias for a long time ... i love these bad boi types
hahaha @divalycious ur so funny ah...u dont like young do...
I'm agree with you is choi young time, finally got the girl ..
oh yes they are better than kim tan.. choi young do acta very very good..