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The Power and The Hate 2: Chapter 2
Seung-hyun open his eyes and pain ran through his head and stomach, but he cant see nothing. Everything is dark, pitch dark. He hold his stomach and can see some stiches on his wound. Then he flashback to the moment when he got knifed and seeing his brother Sol running towards him.

"Ugh..what the fuck just happened"

Seung-hyun began to look at his sorroundings. He saw himself laying in bed but his feet and hands are tied to the bed. Then three men came inisde and blindfold him.

"What the fuck. Take .. Dont touch me"
"So you have finally awaken"
"Who are you?"

Seung-hyun tries to see through the blindfold but it was too dark. Too dark to tell and not even the voice.

"Dont worry about who I am. But are ready to know who you are?"
"Who i am? I dont.."
"Ofcourse. You wont know what Im talking about, thats because your one of them"

Seung-hyun struggles himself to remember of what he is saying.

"Seung-hyun... lets say we play a little game. Truth and dare. Huh."

The man began to take out baseball bat. Then he demanded his boys to sit him up and tied him to the chair. The man then began to play around with the bat.

"I thought you will become a vegatable. Well you was..for two years. Now you decided to come back alive. Ohh been dying for this moment."
"What do you want?"
"I want...what i want? hmm. So many things I want Seung-hyun. But most of all I want"
"Seung-hyun truth or dare?"

Seung-hyun stayed quiet. In his mind, many secrets was spoiling about.

"Im waiting.."
"Nice. Well is it true that you planned the death of your father."
"Ok. Now truth or dare"

The man looks at Seung-hyun with the most sinister eyes. He lifts up his bat and swings it across Seung-hyuns face.

"Hurts huh. But I dont give a fuck about your daddy?"
"Then who?"
"You will know soon. But first, why wont we give the family a call. hmm.."

The man connected the phone to a machine.

"In three hours. My man will give your wonderful family a call. You have the chance to tell them the most wonderful news ever. Well Seung-hyun, see you next time."

The man leaves laughing as Seung-hyun struggles to open his eyes. As he geard the door slammed shut, the blindfold came off of Seung-hyun.

He looks around and saw the men eith bats in thier hands. They look at him carefully. He has no way to turn or to escape. He is stuck in his dugeon.
*This cant be happening. What is fucking happening?*

Seung-hyun is trying to remember anything, but its all a blur. Then all of a sudden his phone made four different phone at the same time. Seung-hyun looks up and noticed that the phone call was never picked up.

*Wait.. its calling them. But nothing happened. No wait..*

"Try one more time. Just one more time"

Then one more phone call was made but this time is Sol. Seung-hyun was getting nervous. Then all he hears is Jiyong's voice. Seung-hyun froze but then he saw that the men was about to disconnect the call.

*No no.. dont hang up. no no. Sol..where is Sol*


The phone was disconnected.

"You mother fuckers!!"

Seung-hyun began to yell and try to escape, but two men swinged thier bats towards Seung-hyun. Then everything became black.

-Couple hours later-

Seung-hyun wakes upand still tied up in the chair. His head is spinning and he is feeling a bit dizzy. He picks up his head and began to look around, but his vison is blurry. As a light shine through a table, he saw a picture of Sol, Jiyong and Mi-na. He began to wonder what's going on.

Then he saw a picture of Seungri with Jiyong together.

*What is this? Has this guy been following us?*

A picture of himself and another picture of Daesung. Seung-hyun saw that this man might be connected to all of us, but who? He began to struggle throught the ropes. He kept trying and trying, till one of his hands got free.

*Fuckk yesss!!*

He began to free his other hand and then his feet. As he began to stand, pain rushed through his legs making him loose his balance. He finally stands and walked towards the table and see the pictures on the wall and in the table.

"What is this? Who are you?"
"Who am I?"

Seung-hyun jumps and began to look around. He began to walk around.

"Truth or dare?"
"You murdered the wrong brother Seung-hyun"

Seung-hyun looks around with a full mystery on his hands.

"Wrong brother..What..what you mean wrong brother"
"You killed the wrong brother"

Then everything became silent.

Seung-hyun is trap but alive.

Who is this mysterious guy?

Wrong brother?

Stay tune for more and I hope you all enjoy this story.

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