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Happy 4th of July! Isn't it the best to rock out to your favorite music as you celebrate America? Of course it is! And with that music comes plenty of singing! I love singing! I think hearing people sing is an enriching experience. Not to mention, it's fun!
Here's my challenge to all of the Steven Universe community here on Vingle! If you're tagged in this card or on another card labeled "Singing Universe Challenge", you must follow these instructions (if you're up to my challenge):
1) Comment "I'm in" on the card you're tagged in for this challenge so the creator of the card knows you saw it and accept the challenge.
2)After you accept, you have 48 hours to make a new card labeled "Singing Universe Challenge" that has a video of you singing ANY song from the show Steven Universe! Parodies, intros, outros, and remixes are ok, too. Just as long as we can recognize it as Steven Universe.
3) Tag your tagger in it so they know you did it! A link to this card to explain the rules wouldn't hurt, either.
4) Pass it on to more people by tagging them!
1) We need to know it's you! Either say your Vingle username before you sing or show your face (or both if you want) in your video.
2) Nobody needs to do the Challenge more than once if they're tagged more than once.
3) Be polite! Treat everyone that participates in this challenge with the respect and dignity that they deserve (regardless of how judgemental you are of "bad" singers).
4) If you believe that you're too shy to do this challenge alone (or just want to make someone do it with you), you're welcome to sing with another person, as long as we can hear your singing voice and name in the video.
5) Everyone's a winner for participating! There's no "prize" really, except the pure enjoyment of it. Am I the only one who thinks that this challenge is a fun idea?!
6) If I, Shinigami-san, aka the creator of this challenge, am tagged in this challenge by someone I do NOT tag below, I will sing in TWO videos.
**IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: I'm not planning on having Wi-Fi (I'll be out of the state) from Friday until the Friday after that. So, if I get tagged in between then, I might not see it.**
Tagging time!
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If you want to be added or removed please leave a comment down below!
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You didn't directly challenge me do I have to do it?
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I fixed it! Any song from the show, a parody, or remix. Really, anything is ok as long as we all know it's Steven Universe!
EHHH I'm in
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Eh, it's fine. It's preferred so people don't cheat the system and steal some video from online, because where's the fun in that? But you're good.
I guess, I'm in. It will be poor quality though.
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I meant because it's going to be on my recorded on my phone.
Just tell me how to post a link to this card from my phone.
I'm in!
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finally finished editing and everything! I'm really glad a lot of people want to do it too! I support everyone and you're awesome for having this awesome idea!