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Short story for @Starbell808 . She said there weren't enough T.O.P stories so I made her one. Four Chapters. Don't worry Chapter 18 of Stars within our Galaxy will be out tomorrow. If any of you have seen that Syfy show Being human (U.S version) The idea for this story came from the beginning of season two.
Who: Choi Seunghyun x Siobhan Burkley
What: AU, Quick romance. Mini series.
Story: The King of Vampires has called an order....Vampires must die.

"400 years. 400. We've been together that long and you didn't think to stop and say, hey Siob I've been making a shit tone of Vampires you're a big sister now. How could you do this Seunghyun?"

Siobhan was annoyed with her maker. There was a strict rule set up with the royals: no family could exceed a certain amount of Vampires but in the last few years, Seunghyun was feeling a type of way. Siobhan could only blame herself, a small dispute ten years ago caused her to up and leave him alone. For those ten years, she had renounced Seunghyun as her maker. Now she was back because of the up coming news.

Far be it from Siobhan to ignore a command from the royals, even if she had renounced Seunghyun.

"I didn't think you cared." Seunghyun mumbled while looking out the window.

His handsome face was like stone, his eyes weren't even cold just dark. He stared out the window like he was thinking of a Master plan. Or regretting his actions.

"I've been with you as Siobhan Waite, Siobhan Cullen, Rain Turner , Rachael Lackey and countless other aliases for 400 years, what makes you think ten years apart would change a thing? I told you I needed sometime Seunghyun not a subpoena." She said.

Seunghyun finally decided to lift his head and turn to look at her. His first turn and they had been together for years. Four hundred as she liked to keep reminding him. He knew the consequences of his actions. Daesung and Youngbae had consistently told him that. He didn't care much. Despite everything, without her, he was alone. When she left him, she couldn't begin to imagine what happened in his heart. Now, it was because of a royal call that she even came back to him. She must've been sent a command or heard about it and came to see his sentencing. It wasn't as if she were favored by the King of all anyway. She was perhaps in more danger coming back to him than before. The King would decree his children to be culled. All of them, which could include her now that the opportunity had arrived. Seunghyun knew he wouldn't pass up the opportunity to see her die. Maybe he'd even make him do it just to make him pay for breaking the rule.

The door creaked open to the house they had once shared and sunlight spilled inside. Youngbae and Daesung stood at the door.

"It's time." Daesung said.

They were his brothers, created by The King as well. He was the first to be turned then Youngbae and Daesung. Siobhan turned to look at him and he looked her in the eyes for all of a second before looking away, standing up and walking past her. Siobhan wasn't used to the cold shoulder when it came to her maker. She was actually shocked by the way he just walked past her. Deep down she wondered what he was thinking.

They walked down the hall to see the King with Daesung and Youngbae leading. Siobhan took in the walls of the large Castle that hadn't changed a bit in ten years. Somehow ten years felt like a few months having already lived for four centuries. There was nothing about these drafty halls that she missed. This place was too large to keep all the cob webs at bay. It didn't matter how many servants The King had. The doors to the hall opened and they all walked in.

There he sat in all his excellence King of all, Kwon Jiyong. His face wasn't welcoming, more dark than ever. Youngbae and Daesung stepped out of the way so that Seunghyun could walk up to the bottom steps. Siobhan walked up behind him as Seunghyun bowed before his maker. She placed a hand on his shoulder but no matter how much trouble he was in Siobhan maintained her disobedience when it came to Jiyong.

"Have you forgotten how to bow?" He said.

"Hardly but I'm sure even you remember I bow to no man." Siobhan said.

"Ten years away and you've only become more disrespectful."

"Ten years of freedom from your Kingdom only to come back and be reminded of why I left." She spit.

She saw out of the corner of her eye that Seunghyun looked up at her for a second. Jiyong didn't feel like continuing the argument.

"Stand with your foolish progeny." He told Seunghyun.

Seunghyun lifted himself up and stared up at Jiyong.

"There is a strict rule about families bringing up their numbers. How dare you?"

"I was lonely." Seunghyun said.

Siobhan looked at him for a moment and then to the other side of the room. A pang of guilt hit her heart. Jiyong's eyes narrowed and he let out a scoff.

"Seven hundred years you have stood by me, loneliness was never something I'd ever guess would be the reason you'd disobey me." He said.

Jiyong stood up and in a flash he was standing in front of Seunghyun looking him up and down with almost slight disgust.

"When I found you, you were a warrior. Fighting till your last breath and then some. Back then I could see no weakness in you and because of her--I don't even recognize the man I used to call my son."

Jiyong turned for a moment. Siobhan hadn't said a word nor had Seunghyun.

"Your children will be culled." Jiyong declared.

He turned with a smirk after grabbing a sword and holding it up to Siobhan's neck.

"Starting with you." He sadistic smile.

Siobhan's head tilted back to give him more room. There was no fear in her eyes.

"Pity, I had dinner reservations for two tonight." She said.

"I think they'll get the picture when you don't show up." He grinned.

Jiyong moved his arm back to get momentum to cut Siobhan and she hadn't moved an inch. He swung and Seunghyun yelled,


He now stood before Siobhan, his hands bleeding from stopping the blade between his palms. Jiyong stepped back and tilted his head a little impressed with his speed and his willingness to challenge him. He yanked his sword out from his palms cutting him more making Seunghyun wince in pain. A good layer of his palms were sliced off and blood dripped on the floor. Any instinct to worry about his injuries was gone years ago for Siobhan. Their healing factor was good as long as they ate properly.

"I will kill the others myself if you leave her alone."

"She is the reason this mess began." Jiyong said.

"Four hundred years we've been together Jiyong. There's no other I've had a connection with like this." He said.

"You would kill your children to spare the life of the one that left you?"

"She is my everything." Seunghyun said.

Siobhan already knew that but didn't Seunghyun realize just because she was summoned here today didn't mean that things had changed? She wasn't back. Not the way he wanted her to be. Jiyong said,

"Is her life truly worth all theirs? If I were to offer you a deal, kill her to save the others-"

"I will still choose her. You'd kill the other anyway. Back then, when you found me I was a warrior not by choice but because of the life I was dealt. There was no other choice for me. When I met Siobhan, I changed."

"That you have."

Jiyong turned around and walked back to his seat.

"Fine the others will be culled your pet gets to live, this time." He said.

Seunghyun stood up to leave without calling Siobhan to his side. His brothers followed him and Siobhan looked back at Jiyong.

"What was the point in doing that? To prove he's as terrible as you?" She said.

"You've made him weak."

"He's not weak Jiyong. You know you like to rave about how Vampires are so powerful and we basically own the humans yet you're the main one running with your tail between your legs, back into the dark at the slightest risk of exposure. He messed up he knows that but killing me isn't going to help him. It'll only make him worse."

Siobhan turned and walked out of the hall to find Seunghyun. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hug while pushing up on her tip toes even in her heeled boots. She looked down at his hands. They hadn't healed yet.

"When's the last time you ate?" She asked.

He just stared at her. She sighed,

"Come on."

She took him by his arms to avoid hurting his hands more and led him out of the castle to search for food.
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