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looks like Jiaer was thinking about Yien..😊
On their aniversarry.. he was clearly talking to Mark.. and Im sure Mark GOT the messege.. on their Anniversay
Aaaaw looks like someone was thinking about his other half on their anniversay 626 ♡♡
Team Wang celebrating the start of new journey for Jackson

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@sukkyongwanser i find it romantic..Dinmsus and 626..omg!!..he can't hide it..lol
a month ago·Reply
It is romantic, now where can I get a man like that. 😂
a month ago
this is too cute. I also changed my name. I was AimeeH
a month ago·Reply
@QueenyCrossGene I will change it thanks for letting me know..everyoneischangingtheirnames😂😂
a month ago·Reply
Oh you're welcome! I didn't want to miss any of your cards. haha I know right, I feel bad but i have wanted to change it since I started so it's a long time coming. XD
a month ago
@QueenyCrossGene you know I want to change it too but since it has been so long with that username I thought about it.. 😂😂
a month ago·Reply
@luna1171 baha yeasss I know how you feel. I was on the fence about it for that same reason.
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