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So article's about Twice being threatened came out which is really concerning! apparently there's a website out there that is just plan malicious which is chalk full of people . . . stating there opinions drastically. There was actually several aimed at twice over the past month or so.

First one was aimed at Mina, (Mina is so freaking sweet and cheery I can't believe she was threatened by someone, I can't believe anyone would threaten any of them!) Anyway the threat was ...
"If you don't slap your boyfriend and rip apart his mouth I am going to come kill you!"

Okay 1. Aside from not knowing she was dating anyone, that is completely unfound for! How she let's him treat her is her business. and 2. That is way over dramatic to react to someone who YOU DONT KNOW!!! It can be taken so many different ways, the way the person thinks it sounds in their head will be different to someone else.

Thankfully this girl realized fast and posted an apology, (good going girl!) BUT she isn't getting off the hook with just that, she will be charged with civil and criminal suits.
Here is the girls apology note!

The second threat that came out
once again an llbe user got extremely upset over TWICE performing and promoting in Japan and took to threatening if they return to Korea. recently Twice did several performances and released their Japanese version of their cd. Twice promoted and did great with performance's.
please remember that TWICE does have a couple Japanese girls in their group and All of the girls were excited about their Japanese release.

(This is the english translation of the threat)

Japanese version TT

Signal Japanese version

cheer up Japanese (fan made) version

These girls need some love and support, hope ONCE can be there for them to show it to them!

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ilbe users are seriously the scum of the earth >:(
They let their nastiness spread like a virus 😭