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Okay so I decided to do this right away or it would never get done! Editing takes a while, but this was so worth it! I love this song and this challenge was definitely a fun one!
Thanks again for coming up with the brilliant idea @ShinigamiSan !
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It's not letting me make a card
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does it not let you make it or is there a problem posting it?
5 months ago
Btw wonderfully done.
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@FayetheOtaku Btw Faye, you should tag this in the Steven Universe community, so you get points and are easily seen in our community.
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Oh thanks I hadn't thought about that lol
5 months ago
That was beautiful, I always get that song in my head, that was just great!
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thanks :3 same here lol
5 months ago
That was beautiful!
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Thank you 馃挏馃挏
5 months ago