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OneJunn Tuesday
Hello Royal Family! It is a new quarter and I am back. It's Suki here and I will be bringing you my love from Boys Republic OneJunn or WonJun. He is just so lovely! So let's start with some facts about him:
Don't worry OneJunn I will not tell your secrets. So let us begin.
Name: Jo Won Jun
Birthdate: November 22, 1988
Birthplace: Changwoon, South Korea
Height: 179cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: AB
Label: Universal Music Korea
He is the leader of Boys Republic and the main vocalist. He has many nicknames such as Glutton Member, Glutton Leader or Ajusshi Leader. I love them all! They say that he eats the most out of all the group. Well, I guess he can since is interest is cooking and he loves home cooking, as he has shown us on Vline.
I love a man who can cook! His hobbies include composition and arrangement. He can also lick his eybrow, which I think that is a talent not everyone can have. He is known as the fashoin terrorist of the group. I don't see how that can be with a stylist. He love's to brag about himself and tease the other members and in return they love to tease him, especially Suwoong. He wants to be Korea's number 1 entertainer in the future. I am sure my fellow Royal Family can help him achieve that.
His favorite artists are Kim Gun Mo, James Brown and Boys II Men. He also has a favorite girl group which is Girls Day. They are so lucky to have him noticing them, I am kind of jelly. Well let's move on. His motto is "If I don't aquit myself, I won't aquit anyone else before me." I think that is a great motto.
I hope you will be joinging me to bring more of the gorgeous man, on Tuesday! Now a little about me. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and came to the states when I was 7. I use to travel back to Korea every year, but then I grew up and have children and that the cost was to high to go. I am planning going back next year to visit, just so my children can have the experience of where I grew up and lived. And maybe I can take them to a K-Pop concert while we are there. It will be a great experience to see the difference from them performing here vs them performing overseas. I have 4 children, that I love so much! They are my life. I teach them how to write in Hangul and read. They love K-pop, K-dramas anything Korean as much as I do. People tell me I am corrupting my children with being Korean, but they love it so I see no problem. The real love kimchi, rice and daboki. I think they live off those three things. LOL. Needless to say I love everything about Korea and everything Korean. I try to take them to K-pop concerts here in the states as much as I can. I also go to KCON every year! If you have not done either I suggest you try it, it is on a whole other level. Well enough about me tell me how you got into K-pop.
I hope to see you next Tuesday and I hope you will also join me in Boys Republic Funnies aand Variety on Mondays weekly and Boys Republic Japan on Tuesday weekly and Boys Republic Random and MV bi- weekly.
So until next time, stay Royal!
Royal squad
@MelissaGarza -our leader
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Has he already finished his military service or will he be going in soon?
5 months ago·Reply
He has already completed his military service. Yea!!
5 months ago
i love oppa lard. hes jusg ughhh, snd i just want to hug his tall self and yeah 😧😧
5 months ago·Reply
I know right! I want to just squish him!
5 months ago
That's awesome you are teaching your kids to appreciate your heritage
5 months ago·Reply
Yep, they need know where they come from.
5 months ago
How do you touch your eyebrow with your tongue?
3 months ago·Reply
I have no idea, but he can do it. He is really talented.
3 months ago