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So this is how I met GOT7. It was the year 2015, and it was such a great year. My daughter and I and one of her friends decided we were going to KCON. The whole reason my daughter wanted to go was to see Jackson, yeah I have to admit he is cute, but my bias is Mark. So when we got there, we found out Jackson would not be attending, my daughter was very unhappy, so her and her friend decided they wanted to go elsewhere since Jackson was not going to be there. I was like okay you can, but I am staying put, because I wanted see Mark. Well the time came and there were so many girls running to see them, I was like hell no, I am going to stand right here front and center and see my Mark, so I did. I was fighting and pushing just like the other girls, but to be able to get these pictures and touch them, I was in heaven. I did not care about the bruises on my arm or being pushed. I got my pictures and I was able to touch Mark.
Then after the experience, we got to see them in concert that evening and that was an awesome experience also. They were so great!
Okay so this is how I met GOT7 the first time. I will post another card on how I met GOT7 the second time here in Dallas, Texas. Please stay tune.

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I was there too! 😊 And me and my sister were right there but we couldn't stay for long because of previous plans. I'm actually in some of the pictures you took during the concert because me and my sister got the tickets where we are near the stage. 😂
This is Awsome..thanks for sharing it..
I saw them at kcon15 too! I was in p2 standing
Awesome experience to have 😊
Thank you! It was great.
It was not luck it was determination. I had to have those pictures and to be able to touch them. 😂